Madcap British history in show

Get your stiff upper lips ready for a night of mud, mayhem and bloodin The (almost) Complete History of Britain.

The Pantaloons present The Complete History of Britain
The Pantaloons present The Complete History of Britain

The critically acclaimed The Pntaloons company play a night of chaos at The Castle Theatre in Wellingborough on Thursday March 31 at 7.30pm.

Have you ever wanted to see the life of Henry VIII as a romantic comedy or the tale of the Spanish Armada as a musical?

Well, look no further as The (almost) Complete History of Britain realises these dreams and more...

The show has been described by the Mail on Sunday as an:“An energetic and playful romp through the centuries.”

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    See the whole story of our country told in less than two hours in this historically hysterical show packed with songs, sketches and silliness.

    Tickets for the show are £12 for concessions and $14 for adults. There is also family tickets of £4 available for £45.

    For further information about the show or to book tickets in advance call the box office on 01933 270 007 or visit

    To find out more about the company visit