Madame Bovary story comes to Northampton

Four actors will be playing 22 characters in a show featuring puppets, music, singing nuns and a madcap tragedy in 51 scenes.

The cast of Madame Bovary
The cast of Madame Bovary

Masque Theatre present the high-energy comic version of Gustave Flaubert’s seminal 19th century text Madame Bovary performed from Tuesday to Saturday April 10 to 14.

Emma has a head full of religious nonsense and romantic novels when she marries Dr Charles Bovary. But married love is not as fulfilling as she imagined.

This is a tale of sex and shopping, poison and passion, marriage and manure! The tragic-comedy, (or comic-tragedy) of Madame Bovary.

The show is suitable for people aged 14 and over and contains flagrant romping but no violence or swearing. Tickets cost between £7 and £9.

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