Joe Pasquale gets off the bog and comes to Kettering

The zany humour of Joe Pasquale comes to the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering next month.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 5th August 2016, 1:28 pm
Updated Friday, 5th August 2016, 3:30 pm
Joe Pasquale
Joe Pasquale

His new show One Man and His Bog can be seen on Saturday September 3.

Describing his new show, Joe said: “It’s a mix of the favourite stuff I’ve done and a load of new material I have never done before.

“We will have guest appearances from Spiderman, Velma from Scooby Doo, maybe a few dinosaurs, particularly a velociraptor named Vince. There’ll also be lots of mind reading, audience participation and I will try and contact my spirit guide for entertainment purposes only.”

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The star of five Royal Variety Shows, still gets more of a buzz off a live audience than any other medium.

Joe said: “I’m still passionate about everything I do, whether it be stand up, panto, musicals, plays or television, but nothing beats being in front of a live audience and mucking about.

“Life is too short so I try and make the most of it.”

So what inspired him to be a performer in the first place?

He said: “I’ve got two older sisters and a younger brother. Growing up, I was always fighting for attention. When I was seven, my mum would say to me, “Here’s a bit of Lego. And here’s a bit of bread – chew on that! “Your sisters got boyfriend problems. I’ll give you a rabbit. You can play with him, and you’ll be sorted!” A seven-year- old is always easy to deal with – you can ask him to look after himself.

“So this desire to perform is probably all about struggling for attention.”

Among a plethora of stand up shows, writing children’s books, musical performances and reality television appearances, he recently starred alongside his son Joe Tracini in the touring musical Spamalot.

He said: “I loved it! I never once got bored. If the opportunity ever came up again, I’d jump at it.

“Just doing a Monty Python script was amazing. Eric Idle came to see our production, and he loved my interpretation.

“So many people have done the role of King Arthur before, but the producers gave me licence to ad lib, and Eric loved that. I had a posh accent as the King. I think I was channelling a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch!”

And he is keen for the audience to have a good time at the new show as has happened at previous shows.

He said: “It’s not conscious - it just happens. But if it’s not there, the show isn’t going to work.

“I like to think this stand-up show is about everyone having a laugh together. It’s like being 13 again!”

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