Mallinder confident Saints can secure the right attack coach

Jim Mallinder is confident Saints can find the perfect fit in their search for an attack coach.

Jim Mallinder
Jim Mallinder

Chairman Tony Hewitt recently told this publication that there were a number of applicants keen to fill the void left by Alex King’s departure last month.

The search has been a global one and until a new man is found, assistant coach Alan Dickens will continue to add attacking duties to his defensive role.

And Mallinder said: “The search is going on behind the scenes and we’re confident we’ll bring the right person in at the right time.

“I’ve got to see the structure works for us and I talk to Tony regularly, keeping him informed of my thinking and he gives me guidance and lets me know his thoughts.

“It’s not only about me and how well I get on with them (a new coach), it’s a question of how they will fit with the coaches we’ve already got in the setup.”