George Pisi hoping brother Ken will outshine him at Saints

DOUBLE TROUBLE - brothers Ken and George Pisi
DOUBLE TROUBLE - brothers Ken and George Pisi

GEORGE PISI says he’s desperate for brother Ken to surpass his achievements at Saints this season.

George has been joined by his sibling at Franklin’s Gardens this summer after Ken signed on from North Harbour.

The 23-year-old wing will be looking to make a big impact in his first season at Northampton, just as his older brother did last year.

George was the Northampton’s supporters’ and players’ player of the season after joining from Clermont Auvergne last summer.

And the 26-year-old now wants Ken to follow his example and shine for Saints during the upcoming campaign, which kicks off at Gloucester on Saturday.

“It’s been good to have my little brother around,” said George. “It’s an honour for me and my family to have my little brother here and to also play with him. It’s a good feeling.

“He’s looking all right. He’s not too bad. I’m still the boss of him but he’s looking all right.

“I’m the older brother, always looking out for him and wanting him to be better than himself.

“As an older brother I’ll always want my little brother to be better than me. That’s what I’m pushing for and hopefully he is.”

George is preparing for a game this weekend he labels ‘an ultimate test’ for Saints.

The centre believes trips to Kingsholm are as tough as they come, feeling the ground bears a stark resemblance to the Gardens.

“It’s an ultimate test for us because playing Gloucester and Kingsholm is like playing the Saints at the Gardens,” he said.

“It’s really tough to win over there, so if we can get a win there it will be a good game for us to win to start off our season.

“Hopefully in this game we can not let them into it and we can really take it to them.”