Westfield maintain their pursuit of leaders

Nicole Bird secured a hat-trick for Westfield A
Nicole Bird secured a hat-trick for Westfield A

Westfield A kept up their pursuit of leaders Chesterwell A in Division One of the Wellingborough & District League with a 7-3 success at St John A.

Taking her turn in rotation, Nicole Bird duly registered a treble but was troubled by Richard Wills before winning out 11-5, 11-13, 11-3, 13-11.

Wills then edged out Nitin Patel in the fifth, while Pete Boustred won out over Patryk Polanski.

Despite their impressive record, the visitors struggled at doubles and dropped a third point when Wills and Boustred won a five-setter against Bird and Polanski.

Mick Ball continued his lone fight in the absence of Steve Kendall by edging out Bob Hickson and comfortably seeing off Paul Goodman in Old Grammarians A’s 8-2 loss at Wanderers B.

But Richard Adams was in good form as he gained a treble in three straight sets.

Reserve Colin Lord and Phil Laurence were well beaten on the night.

Higham Harriers A must have fancied their chances of claiming a first win of the season against two-man Chesterwell B.

However, they slipped to a 6-4 defeat as Luke Hughes recovered from a defeat to Norman Wooster to see off Graham Bird and Neil Stevens while Graham Ellson cruised to a comfortable treble.

This left the match dependant on the doubles, and in a five-set game, Ellson and Hughes won out to seal the game.

There were impressive trebles from Chris Warliker and Steve West as Thrapston beat Wanderers A 8-2.

Ian Donaldson went down to Stewart Williams for his brace and the other point gained by the visitors was in the doubles as Tony Wharton and Williams beat over Warliker and West.

Results: Wanderers B 8 (Paul Goodman 2, Richard Adams 3, Bob Hickson 2, doubles Hickson/Adams) Old Grammarians A 2 (Mick Ball 2), Higham Harriers A 4 (Norman Wooster, + 3 points by default) Chesterwell B 6 (Graham Ellson 3, Luke Hughes 2, doubles Ellson/Hughes), St John A 3 (Pete Boustred, Richard Wills, doubles Boustred/Wills) Westfield A 7 (Nicole Bird 3, Patryk Polanski 2, Nitin Patel 2), Thrapston A 8 (Ian Donaldson 2, Chris Warliker 3, Steve West 3) Wanderers A 2 (Stewart Williams, doubles Williams/Wharton).

Higham Harriers B produced the highlight of their Division Two season so far by inflicting a first defeat on WDHA Royals by a 6-4 scoreline.

Marta Honkova was the star of the show claiming her second hat-trick.

She went on to cap a fine evening by teaming up with Martyn Reeves to win the doubles (11-3) in the fourth end against Shyam Bavalia and Chiraag Modha.

There was a brace of victories for Shivam Mistry and Bavalia for the home side.

Reeves’ and Anthony Stevens’ singles made up the points for the visitors.

Stephen Woolston’s treble plus a doubles victory with Roger Fleming earned Works Warriors a 5-5 draw against St John B.

Just three ends were needed in the doubles over Paul Lipczak and Steve Mansfield.

Along with David Hatherall, Lipczak won twice for the visitors, with Mansfield and Fleming notching a single win apiece.

Westfield C were victorious over their higher-placed club-mates Westfield D by a 6-4 scoreline.

A brace of victories for Charlie Morrow, Lawrence Howlett and Owen Morris did the trick, which was tough on Carlton Ellwood who once again turned in a fine performance by scoring a treble.

The D side took their fourth point, winning the doubles in four ends.

Old Grammarians B were leading 5-2 when Wanderers C pulled back to make it 5-4.

But is was the doubles that clinched it for the home side with David Bayes and Martin Rice winning out against Tony Wallis and Maurice Jones 6-11, 11-9, 10-12, 11-3, 11-2 with all four players contesting the doubles, winning two singles games apiece.

Hat-tricks for Keith Stockley and Nigel Magee were enough for mid-table Higham Band A to overcome Wanderers D 8-2.

Graham Babbage had a good five-end victory over Pete Martin and Mike Howorth repeated that feat in four.

Babbage and Roger Ellingham took on Martin and Stockley in the doubles and lost out 11-6 in the fourth.

Along with Maxine Shears’ ninth treble of the campaign, Clare Coles recorded her second hat- trick of the season as Chesterwell C beat Wanderers E 8-2.

This pairing also added the doubles against David May and Derek Shears who each had a singles victory over Stuart Coles.

Wanderers E are finding the division tough going and it is looking a bit ominous at this stage in the season for them to stay up.

Results: Works Warriors 5 (Stephen Woolston 3, Roger Fleming, doubles Woolston/Fleming) St John B 5 (Steve Mansfield, David Hatherall 2, Paul Lipczak 2), Westfield D 4 (Carlton Ellwood 3, doubles Ellwood/Long) Westfield C 6 (Charlie Morrow 2, Lawrence Howlett 2, Owen Morris 2), WDHA Royals 4 (Shivam Mistry 2, Shyam Bavalia 2) Higham Harriers B 6 (Martyn Reeves, Marta Honkova 3, Anthony Stevens, doubles Reeves/Honkova), Old Grammarians B 6 (David Bayes 2, Colin Lord, Martin Rice 2, doubles Bayes/Rice) Wanderers C 4 (Maurice Jones 2, Tony Wallis 2), Wanderers D 2 (Graham Babbage, Mike Howorth) Higham Band A 8 (Pete Martin, Nigel Magee 3, Keith Stockley 3, doubles Martin/Stockley), Chesterwell C 8 (Maxine Shears 3, Stuart Coles, Clare Coles 3, doubles Shears/Clare Coles) Wanderers E 2 (David May, Derek Shears).

This week’s hat-tricks for WDHA Superkings went to Milan Pandya and Abin Islam as they beat Higham Harriers C 7-3.

But Rahul Jethwa came away scoreless, although his set against David Cowl was close (11-9, 12-14, 3-11, 12-10, 9-11.

Phillip Inman, Cowl and Craig Hartwell won a single point each but lost the doubles in a close four ender.

Westfield E closes the gap on leaders Superkings with an 8-2 verdict against Higham Band B but still have 12 points to make up.

All went smoothly for Tim Mason but both Mark Holly and Piotr Polanski came unstuck against Band’s Deirdre Kiziak who won twice, in a close set against Holly winning 11-7, 6-11, 11-13, 13-11, 11-9 and 11-6, 4-11, 11-8, 11-9 against Polanski.

The final point went to Westfield’s Holly and Polanski combination in three ends.

WDHA Challengers came out on top in a 7-3 win over Higham Harriers D with Virat Patel picking up his sixth hat-trick, supported well by Kyle Ghanie winning twice.

Oliver Hicks won twice for Harriers, Matt Hicks picked up a single but was in two five-end sets which went against him.

Tarun Mistry’s single and the doubles gave the Challengers their sixth win in their first season.

An in-house match saw the Westfield F beat Westfield G 8-2, although there were two five-end sets which if they had gone Westfield G’s way would have resulted in a closer score-line.

Amrat Mistry and Linda Freeman were unscathed, with a single point from Stuart Holroyd as he lost out to Heather Sawyer and Evie Elliott.

A struggling Chesterwell E, fielding only two players gave Stanwick an easy task as Geoff Neville, Carl Eaves and Al Hayes won all available points without losing an end.

There was a good win for Chesterwell D this week as they beat WDHA Knightriders 7-3.

Bryan Farrar won his customary hat-trick but the young Daniel Mann must win this week’s ‘man of the match’ after hitting his second hat-trick after close sets, two of them going to five.

Results: Higham Harriers C 3 (Phillip Inman, David Cowl, Craig Hartwell) WDHA Superkings 7 (Milan Pandya 3, Abin Islam 3, doubles Pandya/Islam), Westfield E 8 (Mark Holly 2, Piotr Polanski 2, Tim Mason 3, doubles Holly/Polanski) Higham Band B 2 (Deirdre Kiziak 2), WDHA Challengers 7 (Kyle Ghanie 2, Virat Patel 3, Tarun Mistry, doubles Ghanie/Patel) Higham Harriers D 3 (Oliver Hicks 2, Matthew Hicks), Westfield G 2 (Heather Sawyer, Evie Elliott) Westfield F 8 (Amrat Mistry 3, Stuart Holroyd, Linda Freeman 3, doubles Holroyd/Freeman), Stanwick VHTTC 10 (Geoff Neville 2, Carl Eaves 2, Al Hayes 2, doubles Neville/Eaves + 3 points by default) Chesterwell E 0, Chesterwell D 7 (Bryan Farrar 3, Daniel Mann 3, doubles Farrar/Mann) WDHA Knightriders 3 (Usman Mahmood, Sifean Ghilani, Punit Gajjar).