Trott takes the headlines again at County Closed

Nicole Bird claimed a hat-trick of titles at the County Closed Tournament
Nicole Bird claimed a hat-trick of titles at the County Closed Tournament

Andy Trott took the headlines at the Northants Table Tennis County Closed Tournament as he won the men’s singles yet again.

Trott blew the field away, not dropping a single end en route to the title.

In the semi-finals he saw off Bulgarian Roumen Stefanov before facing old foe John Fuller, who beat Kevin Bird, in the finalwhere he ran out an 11-5, 11-7, 11-9.

The pair had already met in the Over-40s final with Trott also winning in straight games.

Nicole Bird regained her women’s singles crown with a win over doubles partner Jordan Wood in the final.

Earlier on finals night the pair had joined forces to battle past Clare Coles and Sue Moloney in four ends.

Wood also took the mixed doubles crown with Trott after beating the brother and sister duo of Chris Haynes and Liz Adams.

Haynes and Adams had stunned Bird and an out-of-sorts Dan Smalley in the semi-final but found the combination of Trott and Wood a step too far.

It was a good tournament for Haynes who made two appearances on finals night, also reaching the men’s doubles final.

The final was without top seeds Trott and Steve Silk, who crashed out at the first hurdle to Richard Elliott and Brian Wooding.

Haynes and partner Henry Arthur took on Fuller and Nigel Metcalfe but lost out in four ends.

The Corby pair did, however, pick up the Over-40 doubles title with a shock win over Trott and Silk.

It was a family affair in the junior boys’ singles as Corby Smash brothers Sam and Adam Wilson faced off for the title. Sam raced into a 2-1 lead but was forced into a decider before edging home 11-8 in the fifth.

Nicole Bird made it a treble of titles as she won the 18-21 singles, crushing Guy Sparrow in straight games.

John Fuller added to his men’s doubles crown with wins in the Over-50 and Over 60-singles and the Over-60 doubles with David Simmons.

Evie Elliott and Anna Wilson shared junior titles after facing each other in two finals.

Elliott got the better of her counterpart to win the Under-18 girls event but Wilson took revenge by winning the Under-15 girls.

The pair also won the Under-15 girls’ doubles together.

Shay Graham won the Under-15 boys’ singles against Daniel Mann, as well as the Under-18 boys’ doubles with Ben Tombs.

Graham did however lose out in the Under-15 boys’ doubles with Mann to Jacob Tattersall and Manav Pandya.


Men’s Singles semi-finals: Andy Trott bt Roumen Stefanov 12, 7, 7, John Fuller bt Kevin Bird 9, 5, 4. Final: Trott bt Fuller 5, 7, 9.

Women’s Singles: Nicole Bird bt Jordan Wood 9, 11, 8.

Men’s Doubles: Fuller/Nigel Metcalfe bt Chris Haynes/Henry Arthur 4, -6, 8, 3.

Women’s Doubles: N Bird/Wood bt Clare Coles/Sue Moloney -10, 7, 2, 3.

Mixed Doubles: Trott/Wood bt Haynes/Liz Adams 11, 8, 2.

Over-40 Men’s Singles: Trott bt Fuller 3, 10, 4.

Under-18 Boys’ Singles: Sam Wilson bt Adam Wilson -11, 6, 3, -8, 8.

18-21 Singles: Nicole Bird bt Guy Sparrow 3, 3, 6.

Over-40 Women’s Singles: Moloney bt Coles -7, 9, 7, 9.

Over-50 Singles: Fuller bt Brian Wooding 11, 6, -8, 8.

Over-60 Singles: Fuller bt Ian Baldock 6, 2, 4.

Over-40 Men’s Doubles: Arthur/Haynes bt Trott/Steve Silk 9, -5, 9, -5, 6.

Over-50 Doubles: Silk/K Bird bt Fuller/ Metcalfe 5, -7, -4, 8, 7.

Over-60 Doubles: Fuller/David Simmons bt Baldock/Geoff Neville 2, 2, 4.

Junior Banded Singles: Adam Wilson bt Alex Cochrane 9, -8, 7, -7, 6.

Under-18 Boys’ Doubles: Shay Graham/Ben Tombs bt S Wilson/A Wilson -10, -1, 9, 11, 5.

Under-18 Girls’ Singles (round robin): Evie Elliott (winner), Anna Wilson (runner-up).

Under-15 Boys’ Singles: Graham bt Daniel Mann 9, -8, 8, 6.

Under-15 Boys’ Doubles: Jacob Tattersall/Manav Pandya bt Graham/Mann 7, 10, 7.

Under-15 Girls’ Singles (round robin): Anna Wilson (winner), Evie Elliott (runner-up).

Under-15 Girls’ Doubles: Wilson/Elliott bt Swati Jethwa/Lakshmi Kowdley Hemanth -6, 6, 8, 3.

Under-13 Boys’ Singles: Cochrane bt Josh Beasley-Heitz 3, 7, 11.

Under-13 Girls’ Singles: Daria Gulbicka bt Jethwa 7, 7, -5, 1.

Under-13 Open Doubles: Nathan Dixon/Jamie Anderson bt Beasley-Heitz/Yusuf Yildirim 9, -6, -12, 5, 8.

Under-11 Boys’ Singles: Rishan Ganatra bt Anderson -6, 8, 11, 13.

Band 1 Singles: Adam Wilson bt Kyle Murie 5, 9, 7.

Band 2 Singles: Wood bt Baldock -6, -9, 4, 6, 8.

Band 3 Singles: Lewis Hillery bt Jim Brogan 9, -8, 7, 6.

Band 4 Singles: Lauren Ainsworth bt Anna Wilson 8, 5, -11, -6, 10.

Band 1 Doubles: Murie/Sparrow by Adam Wilson/S Wilson 12, 3, 8.