Tough task is overcome in Points Cup

Helen Watts
Helen Watts

Premier Division side Westfield C faced the toughest task of the round against Division Three side Corby The Woodlands in the Kettering & District Table Tennis League’s Shirley Everard Points Cup, having to make up a 300 point deficit given to them by the handicappers.

After seven singles, the Corby side were slightly in front on handicap thanks to Calum Donaldson’s excellent performance.

Sam Wildman only conceded five points to Dylan Debell and Matt Rushton conceded one less to Clare Dixon in game nine.

Needing 21 points to secure victory in the doubles, Donaldson and Debell fell agonisingly five points short to Rushton and Steve Hobbs.

The all-Division One clash between Burton Baptist C and Harborough C produced another close finish with Baptist winning by eight points.

All six players contributed to a close and well handicapped match in which both sides could easily have won.

Another all-Division One match between Corby Lakeview and Thrapston Falcons looked likely to produce another exciting finish when both sides, playing off scratch, were just five points apart after eight singles had been played.

Nigel Payne, having surprisingly beaten Stephen Woolston 21-16, 21-17 earlier in the match, demolished Adam Bendyk 21-5, 21-11 to turn the five-point deficit into a 21-point advantage.

Payne partnered Ian Baldock in the doubles and only conceded two points to Woolston and Ken Knott to secure a 19-point overall victory.

Payne was the outstanding performer only dropping one end in an impressive 114/87 return.

Westfield D’s encounter with Burton Baptist E always looked difficult, having to concede 260 points against a side containing a mixture of youth and enthusiasm and age and experience.

With Duncan Brudenall’s late arrival the match was played out of order but when Adam Mills played game nine he required eight points against Paul Malpass for victory.

Malpass took the first end 21-1 but Mills changed to a more attacking game in the second end to claim the necessary seven points required.

Jim Chatburn’s 72-121 return was crucial for Baptist’s success.

Helen Watts produced her usual excellent performance, dropping only 15 points to Kyle Murie, Chris Haynes and Henry Arthur in Arrows’ heavy defeat to Corby Lyveden Fields.

Old Village easily defeated Burton Baptist B 524-400.

Old’s star performers were Mike Burrows 109/107 and Beth Tyler 103/119 and from these results made a mockery of the handicap considering the two league difference between the sides.

Results: Old Village (+220) 524 (Burrows 109/107, Tyler 103/119, Poppy 58/126, Burrows/Tyler 34/48) Burton Baptist B (SCR) 400 (Hooda 126/76, Crasto 122/102, Smith 104/92, Crasto/Hooda 48/34), Corby Lakeview (SCR) 249 (Bendyk 93/111, Woolston 115/114, Knott 104/108, Knott/Woolston 37/35) Thrapston Falcons (SCR) 368 (Baldock 119/107, Payne 114/87, Marray 100/119, Payne/Baldock 35/37), Burton Baptist E (+260) 439 (Chatburn 72/121, Mills 41/126, Waterfield 48/126, Chatburn/Waterfield 18/42) Westfield D (SCR) 415 (Malpass 126/38, Patel 126/48, Brudenall 121/75, Brudenall/Malpass 42/18), Rothborough Arrows (+80) 315 (M Watts 68/126, H Watts 107/122, Marlow 60/126) Corby Lyveden Fields (SCR) 374 (Murie 122/76, Haynes 126/76, Arthur 126/83), Burton Baptist C (SCR) 404 (Muggleton 120/105, Goodman 120/100, Marshall 122/107, Muggleton/Goodman 42/24) Harborough C (+60) 396 (Burgess 109/125, Dixon 107/112, Coombs 96/125, Coombs/Burgess 24/42), Corby The Woodlands (+300) 415 (Dixon 19/126, Donaldson 52/126, Debell 27/126, Donaldson/Debell 17/42) Westfield C (SCR) 420 (Wildman 126/39, Rushton 126/34, Hobbs 126/35, Rushton/Hobbs 42/17), Corby Halesowen w/o Thrapston Eagles.

Both results received for the Borough Trophy quarter-finals saw 6-3 victories for the away sides.

Rothborough Arrows defeated Thrapston Kites fielding two reserves with Pete Rowbotham gaining a maximum and Luke Saywood a double. Arrows’ only regular player Martin Watts scored their sixth point.

Peter Briggs, Stewart Williams and Bob Hickson had one win each for Kites.

Third Division leaders Corby Smash C defeated Harborough B after the two sides were level at 3-3 after six rubbers had been played.

Smash C took the remaining rubbers with two needing a deciding end.

The Hillery brothers all scored doubles with Steve Crook doing likewise for Harborough and Liam Burnham gaining their other victory.

Results: Thrapston Kites 3 (Briggs (+6), Williams (+6), Hickson (+8)) Rothborough Arrows 6 (M Watts (+6), Rowbotham (+14) 3, Saywood (+12) 2), Harborough B 3 (Burnham (SCR), Crook (+2) 2 Corby Smash C 6 (P Hillery (+6) 2, T Hillery (+9) 2, L Hillery (+9) 2), Corby Smash A w/o Thrapston Eagles.