Thrapston thrash Wanderers with West the best

Ian Donaldson
Ian Donaldson

With the season drawing to a close and the Challenge Trophy competition being played last week, this gave those teams knocked out in the earlier rounds to catch up with some outstanding fixtures in the Wellingborough & District Table Tennis League.

Division 1

Thrapston 9 v Wanderers B 1

Wanderers B’s second half slump continued as only a (11-7)(6-11)(5-11)(11-8)(11-5) opening win by Richard Adams over Chris Warliker prevented a whitewash. Adams also took Ian Donaldson to five, bowing out (9-11) in the 8th set, but Bob Hickson and James Findlay were well off pace in the remaining games and Thrapston cruised home for Steve West and Donaldson to record trebles.

Westfield B 4 v St John A 6

Although the final score was not particularly a surprise, how it was compiled certainly was. For the hosts, Mark Ramsden with only two wins to his credit, failed to register and Stephen Woolston, who never fails to surprise, did so big time. He opened with a reasonably comfortable win over Jon Perkins and then recorded possibly the best win in the division, seeing off highly rated Grant Timms in five (11-7)(11-7)(9-11)(9-1)(11-3) and a treble looked a certain, only for him to lose (8-11)(9-11)(9-11) to a struggling Pete Boustred, who had earlier given Mike Ainsworth his 3rd win of the season in going down (8-11)(9-11)(4-11). A 4th point gained for the home side with Woolston and Ainsworth gained a creditable and surprising doubles win over Timms and Perkins.

Higham Harriers A 3 v WDHA Royals 7

For the home side it was all down to Norman Wooster, who did extremely well in edging out both Shyam Bavalia and Nitin Patel (11-6) and (11-8) respectively in the fifth end, but failed to stop Shivam Mistry who gained his 3rd treble of the season, losing out (7-11)(7-11)(11-8)(11-13). Reserve Mick Malins fought hard and also took Mistry to 5, losing out (11-13) and Harriers third point was gained when Graham Bird and Wooster won out (11-8)(2-11)(12-10)(6-11)(11-6) over Bavalia and Mistry.

Wanderers B 2 v Chesterwell B 8

This was a game between two sides who had slumped badly in the second half of the season. The visitors, however, shook off their recent cup disappointment and gained a comfortable victory. The out of form Luke Hughes lost heavily to Paul Goodman and went down (9-11) in the 5th to Bob Hickson, but avoided a blank seeing off Richard Adams (11-5)(14-12)(9-11)(11-6). Graham Ellson, back to his best, gained an excellent treble which included a win over his bogey player Adams. Carlton Ellwood who has taken his elevation to the top division in his stride also recorded an excellent treble.

Division 2

Wanderers D 2 v Old Grammarians A 8

Both Phil Laurence and Steve Kendall, who was playing in his third match of the season secured hat tricks for Old Grammarians A and a single win for Roger Fleming who lost out to both Roger Ellingham and Mike Howorth. Ellingham and Graham Babbage went down in three ends to Laurence and Kendal in the doubles.

WDHA Superkings 8 v Higham Band A 2

Higham Band A were always up against it only fielding two players against the Division leaders, but they started well with Keith Stockley defeating in the opener against Rahul Jethwa and Magee defeating Amit Shah (7-11)(11-5)(11-3)(9-11)(10-12) in the second game. That was as good as it got and all the remaining points including the doubles went to Superkings.

Old Grammarians A 6 v Westfield C 4

Steve Kendall scored his 3rd hat trick in 4 outings for Old Gramms A with Phil Laurence and Roger Fleming managing a single win apiece over Westfield’s Leigh Clements. Charlie Clements and Charlie Morrow sharing Westfield point between them and with the match dependent on the doubles for either a draw or a win for Old Gramms, Laurence and Kendall won out (11-8)(11-8)(11-8) for the victory.

Higham Band A 7 v Old Grammarians B 3

Higham Band A, playing catch up with their fixtures secured a win over their opponents thanks to hat tricks for both Nigel Magee and Keith Stockley. Stepping up from Division 3, Devlin Whitmore managed a single win over Old Gramms Pranab Mohanty (11-4)(11-7)(6-11)(11-7). David Bayes and Martin Rice with a single win each over Whitmore, joined forces in the doubles for their teams 3rd point.

Wanderers D 3 v Higham Band A 7

Higham Band A played their second match the next evening and replicated the 7-3 score line. Nigel Magee recording another treble with Keith Stockley and Devlin Whitmore supported well with a brace each. Wanderers 2 points came from Graham Babbage’s win over Stockley and Mike Howorth‘s win over Whitmore. Roger Ellingham and Babbage adding the doubles win in five against Magee and Whitmore (11-9)(11-9)(7-11)(2-11)(11-6).

Westfield D 3 v Higham Harriers B 7

Mick Malins and Martyn Reeves scored hat tricks for Higham Harriers B as they came away 7-3 victors over Westfield D. Anthony Stevens secured the 7th point Harriers with his victory over Mark Holly in the opening game but lost out to both Mark Thomas and Steve Fuller in the singles. This pair then added the doubles victory (9-11)(11-6)(14-12)(12-10) against Stevens and Reeves for their remaining point.

Chesterwell C 5 v Wanderers C 5

These two sides fought out a draw with Wanderers James Findlay the only player to score a hat trick, with Maurice Jones backing up with a brace. For Chesterwell, Maxine Shears also gained two points with Stuart and Clare Coles a single win each over Carl Singh. Shears and Stuart Coles took the doubles to square the match.

St John B 7 v WDHA Superkings B 3

It was St John B who gained the upper hand in this top of the table clash with the scoreline reversed from their first meeting. For St John, Mike Terry scored his seventh hat trick in eight outings with Alan Hill securing two wins, losing out to Virat Patel (8-11)(6-11)(8-11) and David Hatherall managing a single win over Superkings Jack Bain in a hard fought five end game (10-12)(11-5)(10-12)(14-12)(11-9). Milan Pandya added the visitors 3rd point with a win over Hatherall in four ends and a comfortable three end doubles win for St John B’s, Hatherall and Terry over Bain and Patel.

Division 3

Westfield E 6 v Higham Harriers D 4

Oli Hicks was the only unbeaten player for the losing side Harriers D and his sister Katie joined him to add the doubles for their remaining point. With only 2 players fielded for the visitors, Westfield E all secured a single win each + 3 points by default)

WDHA Challengers 4 v Higham Band B 6

A good effort from Higham Band B with some close games making this an exciting match, Deirdre Kiziak and Fred Sorrell secured two wins each, as did Manav Pandya and Kishan Mistry for the opposition. The match hinged on the set between Chris Kiziak and Kavish Dodhia with Kiziak winning (13-11)(12-10)(6-11)(12-10) and the final doubles point going to the Band (11-7)(10-12)(12-10)(7-11)(11-5).

Stanwick VHTTC 7 v Higham Harriers C 3

Stanwick, having lost in their last encounter reversed the score. Geoff Neville was unbeaten, taking the scalp of David Cowl who, for the first time this season, came away scoreless. Carl Eaves and Kevin Tivey scored good braces for the home side. Harriers Craig Hartwell, who scored a hat trick last time, came away without and it was down to Richard Cooper, who has only played four times this season to gain their two points and joined with Cowl to add the doubles (9-11)(9-11)(11-7)(11-8)(17-15) for the third.

Chesterwell D 4 v Higham Harriers D 6

A good victory for Harriers D as the last time they played Chesterwell, they lost 10-0. Oli, Matt and Katie all won 2 points each, and all lost out to Chesterwell D’s Daniel Mann. Oli came closest losing (10-12)(11-9)(8-11)(6-11). Mann teamed up with Duncan Wright to win the doubles in three ends to take their tally to 4 points.

Higham Harriers C 10 v Chesterwell E 0

Higham Harriers C top the table with one match to go and are 6 points clear of Stanwick in second place. A resounding victory for Phill Inman, David Cowl and Richard Cooper with hat tricks for each of them and only 1 end dropped in the process by Inman against Peter Atkins.

WDHA Knightriders 0 v Westfield E 10

With the same result as their last encounter, Westfield E went through the card effortlessly without dropping an end. All three Knightriders players had a few close ends, showing their future potential and they are still in with a chance of a trophy as they went through to the semi-finals of the Harish Thakrar sponsored Challenge Trophy.


Division 1

Thrapston 9 (Chris Warliker 2, Steve West 3, Ian Donaldson 3, doubles Warliker/Donaldson) Wanderers B 1 (Richard Adams) Westfield B 4 (Stephen Woolston 2, Mike Ainsworth, doubles Woolston/Ainsworth) St John A 6 (Jon Perkins 2, Pete Boustred 2,Grant Timms 2); Higham Harriers A 3 (Norman Wooster 2, doubles Wooster/Bird) WDHA Royals 7 (Shyam Bavalia 2, Shivam Mistry 3, Nitin Patel 2); Wanderers B 2 (Paul Goodman, Bob Hickson) Chesterwell B 8 (Luke Hughes, Carlton Ellwood 3, Graham Ellson 3, doubles Ellwood/Ellson).

Division 2

Wanderers D 2 (Roger Ellingham, Mike Howorth) Old Grammarians A 8 (Phil Laurence 3, Steve Kendall 3, Roger Fleming, doubles Laurence/Kendall); WDHA Superkings 8 (Rahul Jethwa, Amit Shah, Abin Islam 2, doubles Shah/Jethwa +3 points be default) Higham Band A 2 (Keith Stockley, Nigel Magee); Old Grammarians A 6 (Phil Laurence, Roger Fleming, Steve Kendall 3, doubles Laurence/Kendall) Westfield C 4 (Charlie Morrow 2, Charlie Clements 2); Higham Band A 7 (Nigel Magee 3, Devlin Whitmore, Keith Stockley 3) Old Grammarians B 3 (David Bayes, Martin Rice, doubles Bayes/Rice); Wanderers D 3 (Graham Babbage, Mike Howorth, doubles Ellingham/Babbage) Higham Band A 7 (Keith Stockley 2, Nigel Magee 3, Devlin Whitmore 2); Westfield D 3 (Mark Thomas, Steve Fuller, doubles Thomas/Fuller) Higham Harriers B 7 (Anthony Stevens, Martyn Reeves 3, Mick Malins 3); Chesterwell C 5 (Maxine Shears 2, Stuart Coles, Clare Coles doubles Shears/S Coles) Wanderers C 5 (Maurice Jones 2, James Findlay 3); St John B 7 (Mike Terry 3, Alan Hill 2, David Hatherall, doubles Terry/Hatherall) WDHA Superkings B 3 (Virat Patel 2, Milan Pandya).

Division 3

Westfield E 6 (Stuart Holroyd, Amrat Mistry, Linda Freeman + 3 points by default) Higham Harriers D 4 (Oli Hicks 3, doubles Hicks/Hicks); WDHA Challengers 4 (Manav Pandya 2m Kishan Mistry 2) Higham Band B 6 (Deirdre Kiziak 2, Chris Kiziak, Fred Sorrell 2, doubles Kiziak/Sorrell); Stanwick VHTTC 7 Neville 3, Carl Eaves 2, Kevin Tivey 2) Higham Harriers C 3 (Richard Cooper 2, doubles Cooper/Cowl); Chesterwell D 4 (Daniel Mann 3, doubles Mann/Wright) Higham Harriers D 6 (Oli Hicks 2, Matt Hicks 2, Katie Hicks 2); Higham Harriers C 10 (Phill Inman 3, David Cowl 3, Richard Cooper 3, doubles Cowl/Cooper) Chesterwell E 0; WDHA Knightriders 0, Westfield E 10 (Stuart Holroyd 3, Amrat Mistry 3, Linda Freeman 3, doubles Holroyd/Freeman);