Superkings are a force to be reckoned with

Ian Donaldson was in action for Thrapston in the Wellingborough & District League
Ian Donaldson was in action for Thrapston in the Wellingborough & District League

WDHA Superkings are already showing they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in Division Two of the Wellingborough & District League as they recorded their second 9-1 victory in as many outings.

Chesterwell C were the victims this time as Maxine Shears claimed their point by defeating Rahul Jethwa comfortably in three ends.

Other than that, Superkings had it all their own way with Abin Islam and Virat Patel gaining trebles as they also took the doubles by the short route over Clare Coles and Shears in four ends.

A fourth-end victory in the doubles for Neil Stevens and Martyn Reeves over Paul Lipczak and David Hatherall sealed Higham Harriers B’s 6-4 victory at St John B.

Beforehand, Reeves had scored a hat-trick and Mick Malins won twice, with Alan Hill hitting a double for the home side with a single apiece for Lipczak and Hatherall.

Wanderers C started their season well with 7-3 victory at Old Grammarians B.

Tony Wallis scored a treble and had a hand in taking the doubles with Maurice Jones in the fourth end over Martin Rice and David Bayes.

Jones won twice in the singles for the visitors as did Bayes for the home side, with Rice and Carl Singh recording a single win each to add to their team’s points.

Results: St John B 4 (Alan Hill 2, David Hatherall, Paul Lipczak) Higham Harriers B 6 (Mick Malins 2, Martyn Reeves 3, doubles Neil Stevens/Reeves); Old Grammarians B 3 (David Bayes 2, Martin Rice) Wanderers C 7 (Maurice Jones 2, Tony Wallis 3, Carl Singh, doubles Jones/Wallis); Chesterwell C 1 (Maxine Shears) WDHA Superkings 9 (Abin Islam 3, Rahul Jethwa 2, Virat Patel 3, doubles Islam/Patel).

Last years’ winners of the Division One wooden spoon, Higham Harriers A, were reprieved from relegation due to a reduction in teams and showed encouraging signs when Graham Bird won with surprising ease against St John A’s Jon Perkins.

However, that was as good as it got as the visitors, who included Grant Timms, back to full fitness, took the next nine and, apart from game five where Timms whitewashed Bird (11-4, 11-4, 11-0, the rest of the sets were well contested with the hosts gaining at least a leg, and Bob Collyer rather unlucky against Perkins, going down (8-11) in the fifth.

Bird and Norman Wooster also lost the doubles at the last hurdle to Perkins and Richard Wills.

Wanderers A produced an excellent performance as they won 7-3 at Thrapston.

Jon Taylor-Burt, who normally struggles at this level, gained a good brace with wins over Chris Warliker and Ian Donaldson while losing out to Steve West.

Tony Wharton opened with a treble, going to five with Donaldson and West, winning out 11-4 and 13-11 respectively.

Andy Law, not at his best, went down to Warliker and West, but edged out Donaldson in a strange game 11-7, 11-5, 5-11, 5-11, 11-5.

Newly-promoted WDHA Royals confirmed last week’s good impressions as they held last season’s champions Chesterwell A to a 5-5 draw.

Shivam Mistry saw off Mike Pond and Valdi Papiernik in five, winning out 13-11 and 11-7 respectively but was denied a treble when he was surprisingly beaten heavily by Stan Galkowski, who lost his other two singles.

Pond and Papiernik both won out against Nitin Patel and Mihir Mistry to leave the match dependent on the doubles where Galkowski and Papiernik were beaten by the Mistrys to earn the visitors a deserved draw.

Results: Higham Harriers A 1 (Graham Bird) St John A 9 (Jon Perkins 2, Richard Wills 3, Grant Timms 3, doubles Perkins/Wills); Thrapston 3 (Chris Warliker 2, Steve West) Wanderers A 7 (Tony Wharton 3, Jon Taylor Burt 2, Andy Law, doubles Wharton/Taylor-Burt); Chesterwell A 5 (Mike Pond 2, Stan Galkowski, Valdi Papiernik 2) WDHA Royals 5 (Shivam Mistry 2, Mihir Mistry, Nitin Patel, doubles Mistry/Mistry).

With 14 players registered for the WDHA C and D teams, there will be a huge rotation system going on and new players featured for Knightriders in their Division Three match at Higham Harriers C.

Despite playing well, the visitors failed to score. Rishan Ganatra gave Phillip Inman a good set before losing out in the fifth and also took an end off David Cowl, but other than that, Inman, Cowl and Craig Hartwell were unfazed and was a good start to the season for Higham Harriers C.

At this early stage Higham Band B are top of the table as they drew 5-5 with fellow high fliers Westfield E.

Deirdre Kiziak is still unbeaten as she picked up her second hat-trick.

For Westfield, Linda Freeman and Amrat Mistry won a brace each and there was a single win for Heather Sawyer over Neil Thompson.

Sawyer, after being two ends down, forced herself back into the match and took the next three end.

Kiziak and Devlin Whitmore, who earlier defeated Sawyer, took the doubles and the draw in four ends

WDHA Challengers, playing in their first match of the season, obtained a good 8-2 win against Chesterwell D.

Dev Patel, playing for the first time, hit a hat-trick, all in four ends.

Tarun Mistry also registered maximum points, with Kishan Mistry gaining a single win as did Daniel Mann and Duncan Wright for Chesterwell with Challengers adding the doubles in the fourth end.

Carl Eaves was unbeaten for Stanwick in their first match of the season and Jon Tuplin supported well, winning a brace and they also took the doubles in four ends to help wrap up a 7-3 victory over Higham Harriers D.

New signing Eddie Stamp had lots of close ends and managed to take a point from Jamie Laughton.

Katie Hicks, for Harriers D, played well when winning twice while brother Matthew added the remaining point with his win over Stamp.

Results: Higham Harriers C 10 (Phillip Inman 3, Craig Hartwell 3, David Cowl 3, doubles Inman/Hartwell) WDHA Knightriders 0, Higham Band B 5 (Deirdre Kiziak 3, Devlin Whitmore, doubles Kiziak/Whitmore) Westfield E 5 (Heather Sawyer, Amrat Mistry 2, Linda Freeman 2), Chesterwell D 2 (Daniel Mann, Duncan Wright) WDHA Challengers 8 (Dev Patel 3, Tarun Mistry 3, Kishan Mistry, doubles Patel/T Mistry), Stanwick VHTTC 7 (Carl Eaves 3, Jon Tuplin 2, Eddie Stamp, doubles Eaves/Tuplin) Higham Harriers D 3 (Matt Hicks, Katie Hicks 2).