Night only gets worse for Westfield B

Helen Watts scored a straight-games maximum for Rothborough Arrows
Helen Watts scored a straight-games maximum for Rothborough Arrows

Having got lost on the way to Church Langton, the night just got worse for Westfield B as they lost 22-14 to Harborough Diamonds in the second round of the Kettering & District League’s Millman Salver.

Nicole Bird had a disastrous match, only scoring one point out of twelve, and team-mates Matthew Rushton and Antonio Jaraices were unable to score enough to bridge this deficit.

The closest match of the round was Kettering Town B’s 21-19 victory over Harborough Rangers.

Liam Burnham got Rangers off to a good start with a 3-1 win over Jim Chatburn before the next three games were halved to leave Rangers 9-7 in front.

Chatburn then put Town B in the lead with a 4-0 win over Phil Dixon.

Up stepped Mike Brocklebank with a 4-0 win over Alan Woolston to restore Rangers’ two point lead 13-11.

Ann Woolston then tied up the match again with a 3-1 win over Phil Dixon before Alan Woolston halved with Burnham to bring the scores level again at 16-16.

Game nine proved decisive with Chatburn beating Brocklebank 3-1 to restore Town’s lead for the second time.

Ann Woolston and Chatburn and Burnham and Brocklebank then halved the doubles and a very close and exciting match finished 21-19.

Westfield A demonstrated why they are romping away with the Premier Division when they thrashed Rothborough Comets 27-9.

Steve Silk scored a maximum, very rarely achieved in this competition, and was backed up by Roman Stefanov with nine.

Pete Sturgess, Alan Brisley and Ivor Jones had few successes, scoring just three points each.

Nathan Brown produced his best performance of the season so far when scoring nine points for Corby D in their 24-16 success over Thrapston Eagles.

Tom Cardwell scored eight points with Dan Bottrill’s five to secure the win. Steve West halved twice in a 3-1 win over Bottrill and was Eagles’ star performer.

Nigel Metcalfe and Mike Hawes again starred for Kettering Town A in their 25-11 victory over Thrapston Harriers.

Town were never behind but Alan Tyler produced the win of the night, defeating John Fuller 4-0.

The match between Rothborough Dakotas and Harborough Rovers was always close and, after seven games, Dakotas held a slender 16-12 lead.

Games eight and nine proved decisive with Pete Rowbotham whitewashing Sam Burgess before Lauren Ainsworth beat younger brother Jamie 3-1 and the match was won.

After five games Corby A had opened up a 17-3 lead over Harborough Athletic and the result looked to be a foregone conclusion.

Many teams would have given up but credit to Athletic they fought back and scored 13 points to Corby’s seven in the remaining five games for a more respectable scoreline of 24-16.

Results: Harborough Diamonds 22 (J Allington (+3) 7/5, Coombs (+7) 8/4, Palfrey (+8) 7/5) Westfield B 14 (Rushton (+1) 7/5, Jaraices (+1) 6/6, N Bird (SCR) 1/11), Kettering Town B 21 (Chatburn (+6) 8/4, An Woolston (+7) 7/5, Al Woolston (+5) 4/8, An Woolston/Chatburn (+6) 2/2) Harborough Rangers 19 (Burnham (SCR) 7/5, Brocklebank (SCR) 7/5, Dixon (+2) 3/9 Burnham/Brocklebank (SCR) 2/2), Westfield A 27 (K Bird (SCR) 6/6, Stefanov (SCR) 9/3, Silk (SCR) 12/0) Rothborough Comets 9 (Sturgess (+7) 3/9, Brisley (+6) 3/9, Jones (+6) 3/9), Rothborough Dakotas 24 (Ainsworth (+2) 9/3, Fleming (+4) 4/8, Rowbotham (+4) 10/2, Ainsworth/Rowbotham (+3) 1/ 3) Harborough Rovers 16 (S Burgess (SCR) 4/8, J Burgess (SCR) 3/9, Pearson (SCR) 6/6, Burgess/Burgess (SCR) 3/1), Thrapston Eagles 16 (Donaldson (+2) 5/7, West (+2) 7/5, Stockley (SCR) 2/10, Donaldson/West (+2) 2/2) Corby D (24 Bottrill (+6) 5/7, Brown (+8) 9/3, Cardwell (+7) 8/4 Brown/Cardwell (+7) 2/2), Thrapston Harriers 11 (Marray (+5) 2/10, Burrows (+7) 3/9, Tyler (+6) 6/6) Kettering Town A 25 (Metcalfe (+1) 11/1, Fuller (SCR) 5/7, Hawes (+2) 9/3), Harborough Athletic 16 (B Thompson (+3) 6/6, N Thompson (+2) 2/10, V Allington (+7) 6/6 Thompson/Thompson (+2) 2/2) Corby A 24 (Arthur (+1) 7/5, Haynes (SCR) 7/5, O’Boyle (SCR) 8/4 Haynes/Arthur (SCR) 2/2).

Holders Thrapston Falcons kept their hopes alive of retaining the Borough Trophy following their narrow 5-4 second-round victory over Burton Baptist B.

Ian Baldock was their trump card with a straight-games maximum. Nigel Payne and Anthony Marray chipped in with one win each.

Steve Smith’s double and one each from Derek Muggleton and Kelvin Marshall replied for Burton.

The result could have gone either way with Payne and Marray’s wins over Muggleton and Smith being decided on the third ends 27-25 and 23-21.

The shock result of the round was Westfield D’s 5-4 win over Kettering Town A.

The tie was decided in game nine when Bhavika Mistry completed her treble, defeating Nigel Metcalfe 21-14, 15-21, 21-12.

Metcalfe and Hawes both scored doubles with Paul Malpass and Chris Holder replying with one each for Westfield D.

Town skipper John Fuller drew a straight-ends blank and this result will have the historians checking past records to find the last time it happened.

With Julian Marlow unavailable for Rothborough Arrows, Gareth Lewis was drafted in as his replacement and he obliged with two wins to secure a 6-3 victory over Harborough Imps.

Helen Watts scored a straight-games maximum and Ivor Jones’ 21-19, 21-19 win over the unlucky David Patmore produced the sixth point.

Ron Palfrey’s double and Ian Lauder’s single counted for Imps.

Having lost to Rothborough Comets in the first round of the Points Cup, Kettering Town B took their revenge and produced a 7-2 victory.

Injury hit Town called on super veteran Dennis Millman for his second game of the season and he duly obliged with a double.

Pete Scrivener scored a double and Jim Chatburn a treble although all these were gained by the long route.

Martin Watts had straight-game wins over Millman and Scrivener but lost out narrowly 21-17 in the decider with Chatburn.

The all-Thrapston clash between Kites and Harriers ended 6-3 in favour of the latter.

The decisive factor was Marta Hankova’s treble in a close match with six of the nine games needing a deciding end to produce a winner.

Peter Briggs scored a double for Kites with Mike Burrows matching it for Harriers.

With Higham already out of the Points Cup and Millman Salver, they were looking for a longer run in the Borough Trophy but it was not to be as they were eliminated 7-2 by Corby C.

Corby took the first five games in straight ends and the match was over.

Richard Elliott won games six and eight to give the score a bit more respectability but it was too little too late for Higham, who can now concentrate all their efforts on the Premier Division. Stewart Abraham was Corby’s star with a straight-games maximum.

Results: Kettering Town A 4 (Hawes (+4) 2, Metcalfe (+2) 2) Westfield D 5 (Mistry (+4) 3, Malpass (+12), Alder (+13)), Rothborough Arrows 6 (Jones (+2), Watts (SCR) 3, Lewis (+4) 2) Harborough Imps 3 (Palfrey (+11) 2, Lauder (+14)), Rothborough Comets 2 (M Watts (SCR) 2) Kettering Town B 7 (Chatburn (+8) 3, Scrivener (+9) 2, Millman (+10) 2), Higham 2 (Elliott (SCR) 2) Corby C 7 (Woolston (+13) 2, McLaren (+15) 2, Abraham (+14) 3), Thrapston Falcons 5 (Baldock (SCR) 3, Payne (SCR), Marray (SCR)) Burton Baptist B 4 (Smith (+4) 2, Muggleton (SCR), Marshall (+3)), Thrapston Kites 3 (Briggs (SCR) 2, Williams (SCR)) Thrapston Harriers 6 (Stockley (+9), Hankova (+10) 3, Burrows (+10) 2).

All league players are reminded that the annual Kettering & District Closed Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 7 at Westfield Table Tennis Club, Weavers Leisure Centre, Wellingborough.

The closing date for entry is this Monday and anyone interested in entering should speak to their team captain, club official or league committee member.