Lancaster has a weekend to remember at Hollowell

Action from the final race of Hollowell's Sunday Spring Series
Action from the final race of Hollowell's Sunday Spring Series

In somewhat unpredictable weather, Hollowell Sailing Club staged another two days of racing.

The first took place during the club’s successful Open Day.

While the rest of the UK suffered from rain and strong winds, the geography of Hollowell protected it from much of this.

Visitors were treated to an exciting afternoon of Sprint Racing in almost perfect sailing conditions. That was until a sudden squall came through and capsized virtually every boat.

Rob Dunkley was once again unlucky, snapping yet another mast on his ISO.

Despite this, the racing continued and Solo sailor Keith Lancaster went on to win in the day’s racing.

Dave Holyoak finished second while Sam and Andrew Wilford finished a courageous third in their RS400.

Hollowell then went on to stage the final day of the Sunday Spring Series.

Weather conditions were again somewhat testing with Ian Clark, who had been leading the series, hoping to hang onto his lead to win overall.

However, Lancaster, who had not featured in the top three positions, changed all that.

Having battled to take two races out of three in the previous week, he annihilated the competition this time to win all three races of the day.

Barney Creaser, Simon Deeks and Mary Mallard each picked up a second, while Mike and Helen Playle finished a solid third in all three races.

Lancaster efforts were enough for him to secure an overall success in the series with Clark having to settle for second while the Playle duo took third.

Prizes were awarded by the club’s Commodore Nicola Wilkinson.

Dunkley proved to be the hero of the weekend. Having snapped a mast on his ISO on Saturday, he was again towed in - this time helming for Maurice Barnes in his RS 400 with mast damage following a shackle snapping.

Racing at Hollowell continues this weekend with day five of the Saturday Spring Series, followed by the Sail4Cancer ( Personal Handicap on Sunday.

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