High five for newcomers Smash

Alex Aston hit a hat-trick in Burton Baptist A's 10-0 success over Corby B
Alex Aston hit a hat-trick in Burton Baptist A's 10-0 success over Corby B

Newcomers Corby Smash made it five wins from six in the Kettering & District Table Tennis League Premier Division with a resounding 7-3 win over Kettering Town A.

Former Commonwealth star Colin Wilson continued his unbeaten start, including a 12-10 win in the deciding end against the wall of defence from John Fuller.

Fuller only managed to pick up one win, a rare occasion, after he also lost out narrowly to Tony West.

West was denied a treble by Shandor Czuczor, whose brace kept the loss to 7-3.

Harborough A picked up their first win of the season with a 6-4 win over fellow strugglers Burton Baptist B.

Barry Thompson stole the show with his maximum, including a fine win over Martin Hall, and was assisted by solitary wins from Kevin Shield and Mike Brocklebank.

Thompson and Shield then joined forces to claim the doubles and pick up what could be a crucial victory come the end of the season.

Westfield A continue to top the table after another thumping victory, this time 10-0 over Corby A.

Corby A struggled to get going and only took three ends all night, as Nicole Bird, Roumen Stefanov and Bogdan Capusa all claimed straightforward trebles.

Dawid Przybysz had to come from 2-0 down against Guy Sparrow to maintain his unbeaten start as Burton Baptist A beat Corby B 10-0.

His victory came after Alex Aston also clawed his way back to beat Chris Robertson having trailed 2-0.

Chris Ross’ treble was much easier for the loss of just two ends, before teaming up with Przybsyz to win the doubles.

Rothborough Arrows remain in the relegation zone after a 10-0 loss at Higham.

Richard Elliott, Mark Nannery and Richard Bashford won all of their singles games 3-0 as they held on to second spot.

Results: Corby Smash 7 (Wilson 3, T. West 2, M. West, Wilson/T. West) Kettering Town A 3 (Fuller, Czuczor 2), Harborough A 6 (Thompson 3, Shield, Brocklebank, Thompson/Shield) Burton Baptist B 4 (Hall 2, Crasto, Koltuniuk), Westfield A 10 (Bird 3, Stefanov 3, Capusa 3, Bird/Stefanov) Corby A 0, Burton Baptist A 10 (Ross 3, Aston 3, Przybysz 3, Ross/Przybysz) Corby B 0, Higham 10 (Elliott 3, Nannery 3, Bashford 3, Elliott/Bashford) Rothborough Arrows 0.

Player of the week: Barry Thompson.

Team of the week: Corby Smash.

Westfield C continue to dominate Division One after their third consecutive 10-0 victory over Rothborough Buccaneers, and this time without the help of star man Steve Hobbs.

Nitin Patel went through the card without losing a game in singles or doubles and Bhavika Mistry and Paul Malpass only lost one game each in their trebles.

Thrapston Eagles matched Westfield C with a 10-0 victory of their own over bottom markers Rothborough Comets, thus maintaining the gap of six points between the top two.

Mark Stockley won all of his games without dropping an end. Steve West also picked up a treble, losing just lost one end to Lauren Ainsworth.

The closest Comets came to getting on the scoreboard was a 3-2 victory by Chris Warliker over Kelvin Linnett.

Third-placed Harborough B looked likely to record their own 10-0 victory at 7-0 up for the loss of just three games against Burton Baptist C, with Mike Brocklebank losing only one game in his treble before a remarkable turnaround in the final three sets.

Not only did Burton Baptist C fightback to 7-3, they did so for the loss of only one game with a 3-0 win by Paul Goodman over Steve Crook followed by a 3-1 success for David Simmons over Liam Burnham.

A 3-0 doubles win by Goodman and Kelvin Marshall over Burnham and Crook further reduced the deficit.

Fourth-placed Thrapston Falcons made it five wins out of seven this season but were helped by Harborough C only fielding two players.

Falcons’ Stewart Williams beat both of the Burgess brothers, while Ian Donaldson lost to both. Ian Baldock beat Jamie and lost to Sam before the siblings teamed up to help Harborough reduce the loss to just 6-4.

Chris Marshall was in exceptional form for Burton Baptist D against Harborough D, winning nine consecutive games with none closer than 11-7.

Derek Muggleton had to work harder for his treble but for a change got on the right side of an 11-9 in the fifth deciding game against Dave Coombs.

Steve Smith fell away from his recent good form and although he had a 3-1 win over Vaughan Allington, he then lost 11-9 in the fifth end to Phil Dixon.

Following Marshall’s singles dominance he was then surprisingly dropped for the doubles, but Muggleton and Smith held out for a 3-2 win and an 8-2 overall victory takes them to a respectable fifth place and Harborough D to a worrying 11th in the relegation zone.

Thrapston Kites’ season is improving after a slow start and they moved up to sixth place following a 9-1 victory over two-man Corby C.

Stewart Williams made it a good week, beating both Stephen Woolston and Keith McLaren, as did Peter Briggs.

Corby’s solitary point came from Woolston beating Geoff Judd.

Results: Westfield C 10 (Malpass 3, Mistry 3, Patel 3, Malpass/Patel) Rothborough Buccaneers 0, Rothborough Comets 0 Thrapston Eagles 10 (West 3, Warliker 3, Stockley 3, Warliker/Stockley), Harborough B 7 (Brocklebank 3, Burnham 2, Crook 2) Burton Baptist C 3 (Goodman, Simmons, Goodman/Marshall), Thrapston Falcons 6 (Williams 3, Baldock 2, Donaldson) Harborough C 4 (S.Burgess 2, J.Burgess, S.Burgess/J.Burgess), Burton Baptist D 8 (Muggleton 3, Marshall 3, Smith, Muggleton/Smith) Harborough D 2 (Dixon, Coombs) Corby C 1 (Woolston) Thrapston Kites 9 (Briggs 3, Williams 3, Judd 2, Briggs/Williams).

Team of the week: Westfield C.

Player of the week: Chris Marshall.

The late result from week six in Division Two provided a second draw of the season, both featuring Corby D in consecutive weeks.

This time it was Kettering Town B who shared the spoils but it was only due to a fifth-end victory from two down in the doubles from Ann Woolston and Jim Chatburn.

It was nip and tuck throughout the match until Corby won games eight and nine with Neil Stone’s second successive maximum and Nathan Brown’s single success to match Ben Burns’ earlier win taking them 5-4 ahead before the epic doubles clash.

The top two met at John Yeomans Hall with a close game expected between hosts Burton Baptist E and Rothborough Dakotas.

However, it was 8-0 to the home team before the only two games to go the distance happened.

Then Tony Yeomans overcame Jon Sanders but Sanders and Harry Lade made sure it was just a single point with a hard-fought defeat of Cathy Fleming and Pete Rowbotham, 13-11 in the fifth end to increase Burton’s lead at the top to nine points.

The best match of the week was at Weavers where Kettering Town B met Westfield D.

The result was 8-2 to Kettering but five games went the distance, three of them from two ends down.

Evie Elliott and Sidney Wright’s results mirrored each other as both beat Ann Woolston in five ends having been two up to begin with and both lost in five ends to Barry Davis and straight ends to Jim Chatburn.

Also unlucky was debutant Caitlin Curt, who was the only player to take an end off Chatburn.

Beth Tyler was again the star for Old Village but her hat-trick proved to be in vain as they lost 7-3 to Harborough E.

Her tussle with John McGowan was for individual bragging rights towards the top of the rankings and she had to come from behind to beat him.

Charlie Edwards was unlucky to lose in his first two games in five ends.

McGowan, Ron Palfrey and Ben Baker got a brace apiece and Harborough’s new deadly duo continue to flourish as McGowan and Baker again took the extra point.

It will be interesting to see if Harborough can maintain this standard when McGowan is unavailable for a while soon.

The only player to participate in all of Corby’s last three games is Neil Stone, and why not when he has yet to lose?

His maximum was matched by John Hunt as Corby D beat Rothborough Exocets 8-2.

Their feat was almost equalled by Ken Knott who only tasted defeat to Lee Mordecai in the first game of the evening.

With Corby taking eight points from Exocets, two points now separate second and fourth.

Results: Burton Baptist E 9 (B Lade 3, H Lade 3, Sanders 2, H Lade/Sanders) Rothborough Dakotas 1 (Yeomans), Corby D 5 (Stone 3, Brown, Burns) Kettering Town B 5 (Chatburn 2, An Woolston 2, Chatburn/An Woolston), Harborough E 7 (Baker 2, McGowan 2, Palfrey 2, Baker/McGowan) Old Village 3 (Tyler 3), Kettering Town B 8 (Chatburn 3, Davis 3, An Woolston, Chatburn/An Woolston) Westfield D 2(Elliott, Wright),Rothborough Exocets 2 (Mordecai, Marshall/Mordecai) Corby D 8 (Hunt 3, Stone 3, Knott 2).

Player of the week: Bryan Lade.

Team of the week: Burton Baptist E.