Handicaps prove successful as cups commence

There was a break in Kettering Table Tennis League action this week with the first of three cup competitions getting underway.

With a new cup and handicapping committee in place this season it was interesting to see the results of their first deliberations.

With 13 results received from 15 Borough Trophy matches, there were five results 5-4, five results 6-3 and one each 7-2, 8-1 and 9-0.

Rangers whitewash of Baptist “E” was closer than the scoreline suggests with four games needing a deciding end and Jamie Burgess scoring a maximum substituting for the absent Mike Brocklebank.

Paul Watts’ defeat of Baz Fatania was Buccaneers only success but four matches required a deciding end with Baptist D winning three of these.

Gladiators victory over Town B was secured by Tony Yeomans with three easy wins and proved unbeatable off a generous (+14) handicap.

Skipper Jim Chatburn gained Town’s two victories over father and son Lewis and Garry Patterson.

Anne Woolston and Dennis Millman fell short with deciding end defeats against Lewis.

Higham Band and Corby C produced the closest clash of the week with the game ending 5-4 in Corby’s favour.

Eight games needed a decider and all six players won at least one game with Alex Dickson settling the outcome with a deciding end win over Mark Nannery in game nine.

Mike Burroughs narrow victory over the unlucky Ian Lauder in game nine resulted in another 5-4 win for Harriers over Imps.

Ron Palfrey for Imps was the pick of the players with an excellent maximum.

Dakotas started well going 2-0 up but Ross Campbell turned the match around in Diamonds’ favour with an excellent, hard-fought treble.

Steve Crook and Liam Burnham gained the other two wins for a 5-4 result.

In another competitive game Julian Marlow’s treble proved to be the decisive factor in Arrows’ 5-4 win over Eagles.

The result was always in doubt with Eagles trio Chris Warliker, Graham Ellison and Ian Donaldson all recording victories.

Only six games were completed in Town A’s 5-4 win over Westfield C as the last three games were conceded by Town after gaining an unbeatable 5-1 lead.

After six completed games Westfield C were unlucky to record only a single win by Paul Malpass as the other three games needing a deciding end went to Town A.

The all-Rothborough clash between Comets and Exocets was close at 3-3 but Comets experienced trio of David Simmonds, Ivor Jones and Pete Sturgess reeled off the last three games.

Youngsters Lauren Ainsworth and Sean Smith recorded three excellent wins between them against elder performers.

Premier Division leaders Westfield A found the handicaps difficult to overcome in spite of being only 3-2 down.

Doubles from Peter Briggs, Paul Goodman and Geoff Judd ensured a 6-3 victory for Kites.

Roman Stefanov scored two wins for Westfield.

The all-Burton Baptist clash produced a 6-3 victory for B over C.

Jerry Crasto’s triple proving to be the decisive factor.

Derek Muggleton’s double - including a 23-15, 22-24, 24-22 win over Jacek Koltunik - was not quite enough to prevent defeat for C.

Newly promoted to the Premier Division SAS Thrapston found this Borough Trophy cup clash more to their liking with a 6-3 victory over second division high-fliers Corby D.

Steve West and Geoff Atkinson produced some form similar to their glory days and with Mark Stockley all won twice.

Stewart Abraham gained all Corby D’s wins with an excellent treble.

Another match only decided in the eighth game was the all-Thrapston game with youngsters Hawks beating their senior Falcons 6-3.

Alfie Wright’s treble again being the deciding factor with all the other players winning at least once.

Rothborough Comets 6 Ivor Jones (+1) 2, David Simmonds (Scr) 2, Pete Sturgess (+3) 2. Rothborough Exocets 3 Lauren Ainsworth (+7) 2, Sean Smith (+8) 1.

Westfield “A” 3 Charlotte Binley (+9) 1, Roman Stefanov (+2) 2. Thrapston Kites 6 Peter Briggs (+11) 2, Paul Goodman (+12) 2, Geoff Judd (+13) 2.

Burton Baptist “C” 3 Derek Muggleton (+4) 2, Steve Smith (+6) 1. Burton Baptist “B” 6 Gerry Crasto (+3) 3, Jacek Koltunik (-2) 2, Nash Hooda (+3) 1.

Burton Baptist “E” 0 Harborough Rangers 9 (James Allington (+1) 3, Jamie Burgess (+11) 3, Vaughn Allington (+3) 3.

SAS Thrapston 6 Mark Stockley (Scr) 2, Steve West (+6) 2, Geoff Atkinson (+6) 2 Corby “D” 3 Stewart Abraham (+9) 3.

Rothborough Dakatos 4 Kelvin Linnitt (+8) 2, Pete Rowbotham (+9) 1, Shay Kennedy (+12) 1 Harborough Diamonds 5 Liam Burnham (Scr) 1, Steve Crook (+2) 1, Ross Campbell (+1) 3.

Kettering Town “A” 5 John Fuller (Scr) 2, Brian Haradine (+4) 2, Carl Leeson (+2) 1 Westfield “C” 4 Paul Malpass (+7) 2, Nicole Bird (+6) 1, Tom Wildman (+8) 1.

Harborough Imps 4 Ron Palfrey (+9) 3, Mark Pearson (Scr) 1 Thrapston Harriers 5 Paul Blantern (+7) 2, Mike Burrows (+7) 2, Becky Tyler (+11) 1.

Rothborough Arrows 5 Julian Marlow (Scr) 3, Helen Watts (+2) 2 Thrapston Eagles 4 Chris Warliker (+2) 1, Ian Donaldson (+2) 2, Graham Ellson (Scr) 1.

Higham Band 4 Richard Elliott (Scr) 2, Mark Nannery (+2) 1, Andy Harrison (+4) 1 Corby “C” 5 Ryan Cassidy (+13) 1, Alex Dickson (+13) 2, Kyle Murie (+13) 2.

Kettering Town “B” 2 Jim Chatburn (Scr) 2 Rothborough Gladiators 7 Tony Yeomans (+14) 3, Lewis Patterson (+14) 2, Garry Patterson (+14) 2.

Burton Baptist “D” 8 Darryl Sutcliffe (+3) 3, Richard Leder (+5) 3, Baz Fatania (+3) 2 Rothborough Buccaneers 1 Paul Watts (Scr) 1.

Thrapston Falcons 3 Antony Marray (+1) 1, Alan Tyler (+1) 1, Nigel Payne (Scr) 1 Thrapston Hawks 6 Alfie Wright (+10) 3, Joe Kent (+11) 2, Sidney Wright (+14) 1.