Depleted Westfield almost pull off a shock before Corby rally

Kevin Bird
Kevin Bird

The league action took a break as the Kettering & District Table Tennis players turned their attention to the first round of the Borough Trophy.

With only two players and conceding three matches Westfield B were on course for an unlikely win over Corby A when Brian Wooding and Matthew Rushton took the first 4 games to lead 4-3. A determined Chris Haynes stopped the rot with a comfortable victory over Rushton to level the scores at 4-4.

The match result was decided when Henry Arthur beat Brian Wooding 10 and 15 to end Westfield’s challenge.

On an adjoining table club colleagues Westfield A’s hopes failed at the first hurdle losing to Eagles.

They looked to be winning comfortably leading 3-1 until a complete transformation in Eagles form resulted in taking the next 5 games to run out 6-3 victors.

The result could have been different if Kevin Bird had not lost games 5 and 9, 20-22, and 19-21 in the deciders against Chris Warlicker and Ian Donaldson.

Steve West, Chris and Ian all won 2 games each.

Kettering Town A and Higham Band produced another close game with Higham edging it 3-2.

John Alsop defeated John Fuller 26-24, 10-21, 21-15 and Andy Harrison beat Nigel Metcalfe 23-21, 21-17 to seal a 5-2 winning lead.

Baptist C never looked in trouble against Rothborough Comets and ran out 7-2 winners.

Derek Muggleton scored a treble and Chris Agg and Daryl Sutcliffe lost once each to Pete Sturgess and Alan Brisley.

Nigel Payne was the deciding factor in Falcons 6-3 victory over Kettering Town B when his third win secured a 5-3 winning lead.

Falcons other 3 coming from Ian Baldock’s double and a single from Alan Tyler. Ann Woolston’s games all needed a deciding end and only lost once 16-21 to Nigel Payne.

Pete Scrivener scored Town’s other win defeating Tyler 15 and 17.

Baptist D travelled to Church Langton and came away with a narrow 5-4 win over Imps.

Steve Smith secured victory in game 8 with 22-20 deciding end win over Ron Palfrey.

David Patmore was unlucky to lose all three extremely close fought encounters.

On an adjoining table club mates Rangers proved too strong for Exocets and were never behind running out 6-3 victors.

Liam Burnham being the difference securing a straight games maximum.

In an all Corby clash, higher ranked C were never behind in their 6-3 win over D. C came out on top in four of the games needing a deciding end with Kyle Murie and Ryan Cassidy both scoring triples.

Holders Arrows fell at their first attempt to retain the Cup in a tense and closely fought battle with club mates Buccaneers.

After six 3 enders, Buccaneers led 4-2 and looked well on course for victory.

Helen Watts and Julian Marlow then produced their most convincing performances to level the match score with wins over Luke Saywood and Brett Owen.

Skipper Ivor Jones clinched the tie with a 21-16, 21-15 victory over David Steele.

Thrapston Kites and Harborough Diamonds produced another enthralling game.

Diamonds led 4-0 and looked to be strolling to a comfortable win when Geoff Judd with two wins led the comeback and one each from Paul Goodman and Peter Briggs levelled at 4-4.

Mike Brocklebank then ended Kites fight back with a deciding end win over Pete Briggs.

After five successive heavy defeats in their first league season the youngsters of Corby E were rewarded with a 6-3 victory over Rothborough Phantoms.

Maximums from Dan Bottrill and Matt Billington secured victory but the unlikely Nathan Brown lost all three very close games to Alan Abbott, Cathy Fleming and Pete Rowbotham.

Results: Westfield B 4 Wooding (+1) 2, Rushton (+4) 2 Corby A 5 O’Boyle (SCR), Arthur (+4) 2, Haynes (+5) 2.

Westfield A 3 Silk (SCR) 2, Stefenov (+2) Thrapston Eagles 6 West (+2) 2, Donaldson (+9) 2, Warlicker (+8) 2.

Higham Band 5 Elliott (SCR), J Alsop (SCR) 2, Harrison (+5) 2 Kettering Town A 2 Hawes (+6), Fuller (SCR).

Rothborough Comets 2 Brisley (+4), Sturgess (+5) Burton C 7 Sutcliffe (+3) 2, Agg (+2) 2, Muggleton (SCR) 3.

Kettering Town B 3 Ann Woolston (+12) 2, Scrivener (+10) Thrapston Eagles 6 Payne (SCR) 3, A Tyler (SCR), Baldock (SCR) 2.

Harborough Imps 4 Burgess (+8) 2, Palfrey (+8) 2 Burton D 5 Smith (SCR) 2, Marshall (SCR), Young (SCR) 2.

Harborough Rangers 6 Burnham (SCR) 3, V Allington (SCR) 2, Crook (+1) Rothborough Exocets 3 Harrison (+7) 2, Mordecai (+10).

Rothborough Dakotas W/O Thrapston Harriers conceded.

Corby D 3 McLaren (+5), Cardwell (+7), Schwarzer (+5) Corby C 6 Murie (SCR) 3, Cassidy (+2) 3.

Rothborough Arrows 4 Steele (+8), H Watts (+2) 2, Marlow (SCR) Rothborough Buccaneers 5 Owen (+9) 2, Jones (+9) 2, Saywood (+8).

Thrapston Kites 4 Briggs (SCR), Goodman (+2), Judd (+5) 2 Harborough Diamonds 5 Pearson (+5) 2, Brocklebank (SCR) 2, Sayles (+14).

Rothborough Phantoms 3 Abbott (+5), Fleming (SCR) Rowbotham (SCR) Corby E 6 Bottrill (+12) 3, Billington (+12) 3