Dakotas start their defence with a victory

John Fuller helped Kettering Town A beat Westfield A in the first round of the Shirley Everard Points Cup
John Fuller helped Kettering Town A beat Westfield A in the first round of the Shirley Everard Points Cup

Rothborough Dakotas started their defence of the Kettering & District League’s Shirley Everard Points Cup with a 34-point victory over Kettering Town B.

Pete Rowbotham, Cathy Fleming and David Steele eased Dakotas through, steadily reducing the 40-point handicap and eventually securing victory with Fleming and Rowbotham taking the doubles 22-20.

Kettering Town A reversed their recent Premier Division result against Westfield A with a comfortable 56-point win.

Roumen Stefanov put Westfield five points in front against Nigel Metcalfe but this lead was swiftly overturned when Shandor Czuczor defeated Nicole Bird 21-11, 21-10 for an 18-point advantage.

In game seven, John Fuller beat Bird 21-15, 21-11 to open up a 66-point lead.

Bogdan Capusa and Stefanov halved with Metcalfe and Czuczor in games eight and nine but the doubles were not required.

Thrapston Kites entertained Harborough B and this match was only decided in the doubles, leaving Harborough winners by nine points.

After nine very competitive singles Harborough had just edged in front 351-350.

The Corby D trio of John Hunt, Tom Cardwell and Ben Burns fell 10 points short in their attempt to overcome Rothborough Exocets’ 80 point starting advantage.

The deciding factor came in game six when Helmut Salander defeated Ben Burns 21-18, 21-8.

Harborough E’s victory over Old Village was also decided in the doubles when Ben Baker and John McGowan defeated Richard Bryant and Charlie Edwards 21-11, 22-20.

McGowan’s experience and clever defence proved decisive and he only conceded a miserly 59 points in his three games.

Rothborough Arrows’ task of overcoming Higham even with a 160-point starting handicap was going to be difficult but with Julian Marlow absent from their ranks it proved to be even harder.

Replacement Tom Ravenscroft fought hard but Arrows eventually succumbed by 15 points.

Richard Bashford, Richard Elliott and Andy Harrison gradually reduced the deficit to lead 372-370 after Elliott had beaten Martin Watts 21-12, 21-17 in game nine.

The two Richards took the doubles 21-12, 21-17 against Ravenscoft and Helen Watts to clinch a narrow win.

Even with a 40-point start and victories for Ian Donaldson, Steve West and Mark Stockley over Nigel Hunt, Thrapston Eagles still fell short by 18 points against Corby A.

Kyle Murie’s 21-4, 21-13 victory over Stockley proved to be the deciding factor.

Donaldson was Eagles’ star performer, dropping only nine points.

Division Two leaders Burton Baptist E defeated their Division One opponents Rothborough Comets by 59 points.

A starting advantage of 40 points was not needed and Burton won 11 of the 20 ends played.

Youngsters Harry Lade and Ben Freeman picked up 31 and 13 points against Comets’ much higher-ranked players Lauren Ainsworth, Pete Sturgess and Kelvin Linnitt.

Harborough B conceded 126 points against Burton Baptist B and again proved that it is impossible to win when only having two players.

Barry Thompson and son Nathan gained 39 points but still lost the tie by 87.

Harborough D beat Burton Baptist D by 122 points with Reece Emery being their star player.

He won all six ends comfortably including a very impressive 21-13, 21-19 success against Alex Aston.

Results: Westfield A (SCR) 296 (Stefanov 108/105, N Bird 73/126, Capusa 115/120) Kettering Town A (SCR) 352 (Metcalfe 111/103, Czuczor 115/100, Fuller 126/93), Thrapston Kites (+20) 379 (Briggs 130/20, Williams 116/109, Judd 84/122 Briggs/Williams 29/37) Harborough B (SCR) 388 (Burnham 119/108, Brocklebank 119/106, Crook 113/116, Brocklebank/Burnham 37/29), Burton Baptist B (SCR) 360 (Manji 107/79, Kotulniuk 124/70, Hooda 101/82, Manji/Kotulniuk 28/42) Harborough A (SCR) 273 (B Thompson 122/104, N Thompson 109/102, Thompson/Thompson 42/28), Thrapston Eagles (+40) 358 (Donaldson 101/110, West 91/108, Stockley 91/116, West/Donaldson 35/42) Corby A (SCR) 376 (Haynes 126/74, Murie 129/83, Hunt 79/126 Haynes/Murie 42/35), Rothborough Arrows (+160) 399 (M Watts 71/126, H Watts 75/120, Ravenscroft 64/126, H Watts/Ravenscroft 29/42) Higham (SCR) 414 (Bashford 126/79, Elliott 126/66, Harrison 120/65, Elliott/Bashford 42/29), Harborough D (+160) 491 (Coombs 89/126, Dixon 82/112, Emery 126/89, Emery/Coombs 34/42) Burton Baptist D (SCR) 369 (Aston 116/83, Agg 116/106, Smith 95/108 Aston/Agg 42/34), Kettering Town B (+40) 345 (Chatburn 86/124, Davis 84/126, Ann Woolston 115/107, Chatburn/Woolston 20/22) Rothborough Dakotas (SCR) 379 (Rowbotham 113/93, Fleming 123/99, Steele 121/93, Fleming/Rowbotham 22/20), Rothborough Buccaneers (+60) 436 (Lewis 108/115, Smith 110/98, Saywood 118/105, Lewis/Saywood 40/40) Corby C (SCR) 358 (Bottrill 122/104, McLaren 128/106, Faltyn 68/126, Bottrill/McLaren 40/40), Corby D (SCR) 380 (Hunt 121/76, Cardwell 127/79, Burns 89/123, Hunt/Burns 43/32) Rothborough Exocets (+80) 390 (Mordecai 97/106, Salander 78/110, Marshall 103/121, Marshall/Mordecai 32/43), Burton Baptist E (+40) 422 (H Lade 127/96, Freeman 120/107, B Lade 99/118, H Lade/Freeman 36/42) Rothborough Comets (SCR) 363 (Ainsworth 122/121, Sturgess 113/104, Linnitt 86/121, Sturgess/Ainsworth 42/36), Harborough E (SCR) 417 (Palfrey 123/85, Baker 125/92, McGowan 126/59, McGowan/Baker 43/31) Old Village (+140) 407 (Bryant 83/124, C Edwards 87/124, R Edwards 66/126, Bryant/C Edwards 31/43).