Corby juniors stepping up again to higher level

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A batch of Corby’s most progressive juniors have all secured step-ups in their rating at the latest cut-off point.

Sam Ball, Joe Tyler and Jack Haworth have all moved up to the next level and they have been joined in this by Nikki Rae and Lloyd Read.

Corby Centre manager Craig Haworth is still currently coaching just Ball, Tyler and his own son but said: “I am delighted by this.”

While Ball was named Corby’s player of the month for February, becoming the first Northants junior to move up to the new LTA rating of Orange 1 star, he is now playing in green events and made a final at Dallington despite being away on a school trip for the whole of the previous week.

Great Oakley lad Tyler is now a 5.2 rating, having only gone up to a 6.1 in December.

He achieved this by beating six players of his own rating in the period between January and March.

Likewise, Haworth junior has also ‘double-jumped’ in the last six months, his latest action seeing him compete in a men’s match play at Nottingham where his tally went to seven wins and no losses for the period.

Haworth senior said: “All the lads have put in a lot of hard work and it is great for them to see the rewards.

“I have only recently started working with Sam so it is really Brett McLennan who deserved the credit for the work he did before going back to Australia.

“I have been lucky enough to work with Joe and Jack since they were very little.

“We are targeting specific issues to help them develop their games, such as detailed match analysis, additional specific strength and conditioning work with Gary McQuade.

“Other more slightly ‘out of the box’ areas we have introduced, or are about to, includes regular visits to the Podiatry Clinic in Northampton to help reduce injuries and working with a sports psychologist.

“I worked with one in London for a couple of years when I was playing full-time tennis and it helped me enormously, so I am keen to get this into their programmes.”

Meanwhile, Corby TC have secured a replacement for Richard Ward, who is moving up to the Borders next week, in the form of Anna Opalach.

The new arrival is a former WTA Tour event player and CCA registered coach and will shortly be taking over Ward’s squads and lessons.

Corby assistant manager Stephen Comber said: “It is great news Anna is coming to work with our players.

“She brings a lot of experience with her and is able to work with Performance and Development players.

“We currently see over 2,000 children at primary schools in the area so I am hoping Anna will be working with those as well. “She is multi-lingual so may be able to help explain things I might not be able to get across.

“I believe a lot of the girls who are taking lessons will approve of the fact we have lady coaches to work with them.”