Chesterwell move to the top after a big win

Thrapston's Ian Donaldson
Thrapston's Ian Donaldson

Chesterwell A remain strong contenders for the Division One title in the Wellingborough & District League and they moved to the summit thanks to a 9-1 win at two-man Wanderers B.

Wanderers’ unbeaten record was smashed as they became the first team this season to field just two players.

Richard Adams beat Valdi Papiernik in the opener but none of the visiting trio of Papiernik, Mike Pond and Graham Ellson were troubled in the remaining singles.

Travis Holly is finding the top division tough and failed to register for the fourth time in a row as Westfield B lost 6-4 to Wanderers A.

Richie Bailey continues to pick up useful braces, gaining an excellent win over Tony Wharton, together with a comfortable success over Jon Taylor-Burt.

Taylor-Burt gained an impressive win over the underperforming Ethan Ali in a five set game.

Westfield gained a fourth point as Ethan Ali and Bailey won the doubles against Wharton and Andy Law.

Higham Harriers A’s Norman Wooster and Graham Bird continue to battle hard but need some support to get off bottom spot.

Although well beaten by Pete Boustred in the 7-3 loss to St John A, Bird saw off Richard Wills in the fifth and Jon Perkins more comfortably.

Wooster surprisingly went down to Perkins but did well to win out against Wills.

Bob Collyer gave one of his better performances, in the fifth to both Perkins and Wills.

Steve West turned the clock back and gained an excellent treble in Thrapston’s 6-4 success at Chesterwell B.

His highlight was a 11-9, 7-11, 11-9, 19-17 win over Graham Ellson, who recovered to see off Chris Warliker and Ian Donaldson.

Luke Hughes and Craig Dilley went down in five to West and Donaldson respectively to prevent a victory but excellent wins by Dilley and Hughes over Warliker and Donaldson saw the match dependent on the doubles.

Chesterwell opted for a Hughes/Dilley line up who went down to Warliker and West.

Results: Westfield B 4 (Richie Bailey 2, Ethan Ali, doubles Bailey/Ali) Wanderers A 6 (Tony Wharton, Jon Taylor-Burt 2, Andy Law 3, doubles Wharton/Law), Higham Harriers A 3 (Graham Bird 2, Norman Wooster) St John A 7 (Jon Perkins 2, Pete Boustred 3, Richard Wills 2, doubles Perkins/Boustred), Wanderers B 1 (Richard Adams) Chesterwell A 9 (Valdi Papiernik, Mike Pond 2, Graham Ellson 2, doubles Papiernik/Pond + 3 points by default), Chesterwell B 4 (Graham Ellson 2, Luke Hughes, Craig Dilley) Thrapston 6 (Steve West 3, Ian Donaldson, Chris Warliker, doubles West/Warliker).

WDHA Royals continued their unbeaten run in Division Two with an 8-2 victory over lowly Wanderers D.

Mihir Mistry and Shyam Bavalia recorded hat-tricks with Chiraag Modha having to settle for a single win as he was taken to four ends by Roger Ellingham and Mike Howorth and lost out in both cases.

Despite only fielding two players due to illness, St John B gave a good account of themselves in a 6-4 defeat to Wanderers C.

David Hatherall won out 14-16, 11-5, 11-6, 11-4 against James Findlay, who was previously unbeaten in this division. Although he lost out in five to Tony Wallis, he easily overcame Dave May in three ends.

Paul Lipczak also registered a brace, winning out in five against Wallis and in four against May.

The all-important doubles went to the visitors for the victory.

Works Warriors eases past Higham Band A 6-4 thanks to another Stephen Woolston hat-trick and single wins for Alan Woolston and Roger Fleming against Keith Stockley.

Nigel Magee and Pete Martin recorded two wins apiece over Alan Woolston and Fleming but lost out in the doubles to give Warriors their fourth win of the season.

Higham Harriers B had the upper hand on Westfield C as they won 7-3.

All three Westfield players defeated Matt Hicks who stepped up from the thirrd division but Hicks joined Martyn Reeves to add the doubles over Lawrence Howlett and Charlie Morrow.

Carlton Ellwood’s hat trick did the damage for Westfield D as they won 7-3 at Chesterwell C.

He was supported well by Peter Sheldrick who registered a brace and this pairing added the doubles in three ends over Maxine Shears and Stuart Coles. Shears won twice with Stuart Coles claiming a single.

Another side with player difficulties, Wanderers E saved the whitewash against Old Grammarians B with Derek Shears defeating David Bayes.

Shears was unlucky not to gain a second point against Colin Lord as he went down 11-6, 9-11, 11-9, 5-11, 9-11.

Five of the six singles matches went to either four or five ends as well as the doubles which saw May and Shears lose out to Bayes and Rice.

Results: St John B 4 (David Hatherall 2, Paul Lipczak 2) Wanderers C 6 (James Findlay, Tony Wallis, doubles Findlay/Wallis + 3 by default), Higham Band A 4 (Nigel Magee 2, Pete Martin 2) Works Warriors 6 (Alan Woolston, Stephen Woolston 3, Roger Fleming, doubles Woolston/Fleming), Wanderers D 2 (Roger Ellingham, Mike Howorth) WDHA Royals 8 (Mihir Mistry 3, Chiraag Modha, Shyam Bavalia 3, doubles Mistry/Bavalia), Westfield C 3 (Lawrence Howlett, Charlie Morrow, Owen Morris) Higham Harriers B 7 (Mick Malins 3, Martyn Reeves 3, doubles Reeves/Hicks), Chesterwell C 3 (Maxine Shears 2, Stuart Coles) Westfield D 7 (Peter Sheldrick 2, Carlton Ellwood 3, Dave Long, doubles Sheldrick/Ellwood), Wanderers E 1 (Derek Shears) Old Grammarians B 9 (David Bayes, Colin Lord 2, Martin Rice 2, doubles Bayes/Rice + 3 points by default).

There were no fewer than three whitewashes in the Division Three matches.

WDHA Super Kings remain on top of the table as only three sets needed a fourth end in their 10-0 verdict against Westfield G.

Rahul Jethwa, Abin Islam and Milan Pandya showed their strength for the leaders.

Fielding only two players, Chesterwell E gave Higham Band B an easy full house as all the players registering hat tricks by default.

Chesterwell’s Lewis Parry gave a good show against Chris Kiziak before finally losing out 8-11, 11-7, 11-5, 10-12, 11-1.

Westfield E are keeping up with the leaders after a fine 10-0 win over Chesterwell D.

Joel Storr, playing for the first time this season, hit a hat-trick, defeating Bryan Farrar in three in the opener.

Farrar, who normally picks up points for Chesterwell, came away empty-handed although he did take both Piotr Polanski and Glenn Morris to five.

The doubles was over in three ends with Chesterwell only gaining seven points into the bargain.

Phillip Inman was the only unbeaten player but Higham Harriers C still went down 6-4 to Stanwick.

His set against Carl Eaves was a close one, as was the game against Geoff Neville but it was Stanwick who came out on top with Neville and Graham Kitchener both winning two points each before the visitors also took the all-important doubles in four ends.

WDHA Challengers beat club-mates Knightriders 9-1.

The hosts’ only point came from Baron Boateng against Daniel Bain in four ends while there were hat-tricks for Virat Patel and Kyle Ghanie.

Trebles for Amrat Mistry and Linda Freeman, with two points for Stuart Holroyd, gave Westfield F an easy 9-1 victory over new team Higham Harriers D.

Oli Hicks won the visitors’ only point in a close five-ender against Holroyd (5-11, 11-4, 11-8, 9-11, 11-4).

Results: Higham Harriers C 4 (Phillip Inman 3, David Cowl) Stanwick VHTTC 6 (Geoff Neville 2, Carl Eaves 2, Graham Kitchener, doubles Neville/Eaves), WDHA Knightriders 1 (Baron Boateng) WDHA Challengers 9 (Virat Patel 3, Daniel 2, Kyle Ghanie 3, doubles Patel/Ghanie), Westfield F 9 (Stuart Holroyd 2, Amrat Mistry 3, Linda Freeman 3, doubles Holroyd/Freeman) Higham Harriers D 1 (Oli Hicks), Higham Band B 10 (Deirdre Kiziak 2, Raylee Burton 2, Chris Kiziak 2, doubles Kiziak/Kiziak + 3 points by default) Chesterwell E 0, Chesterwell D 0 Westfield E 10 (Joel Storr 3, Piotr Polanski 3, Glenn Morris 3, doubles Storr/Polanski), WDHA Super Kings 10 (Rahul Jethwa 3, Abin Islam 3, Milan Pandya, double Islam/Pandya) Westfield G 0.

The first round of the Seoni Merit Awards is always a little distorted as there are several players throughout the three divisions who are unbeaten or on a high percentage of wins who have not qualified for this award as they play on a squad system and therefore have not played the required 75 per cent of their teams games.

There also some new names appearing at this early stage of the proceedings and topping the Division One table is Mike Pond of Chesterwell A who always finishes within the top 10, with a returning Steve Kendall of Old Grammarians A, proving he has not lost any of his talent.

Still on 100 per cent is Stephen Woolston of Works Warriors in Division Two with Maxine Shears of Chesterwell C in second place.

The Division Three leader is another player returning after a period of absence - Higham Harriers C’s Phillip Inman with Mark Holly of Westfield E in second.