Bigger Wellingborough League returns to action

Tony Wharton
Tony Wharton

A bigger Wellingborough & District Table Tennis League has begun its season.

It got under way with 32 teams, four more than last season, thanks to a couple of new Junior teams entered from ‘WDHA’ playing out of The Hindu Community Centre joining a League for the first time.

Their first weeks’ results show that they will be a force to be reckoned with.


Old Grammarians A 5 v Chesterwell B 5

This was an intriguing match between Old Grammarians A, reprieved from relegation and newly promoted Chesterwell B. For the visitors, Perce Sharp opened with a splendid (11-6)(8-11)(8-11)(16-14)(11-4) victory over Craig Dilley but blotted his copybook being well beaten by Luke Hughes and Carl Singh, who was making his debut in the top division. Singh was beaten in his other two singles but a brace by Hughes and Dilley against Phil Laurence and Mick Ball respectively saw the result dependent on the doubles, where Laurence and Ball won out (11-9)(13-11)(11-8) against Dilley and Singh.

St John A 2 v Thrapston 8

The home sides’ results are normally dependent on the availability of Grant Timms and so it proved as Thrapston gained a convincing victory. Steve West no longer the force of yesteryear went down in 5 to both Richard Wills and Jon Perkins after opening with a (11-4)(7-11)(8-11)(11-6)(11-6) over Peter Boustred. Ian Donaldson and Mark Stockley won all singles with the only close call being Donaldson’s win in the fifth over Boustred

Wanderers A 8 v Works Warriors 2

Works Warriors the other reprieved side from relegation again gave indication that Stephen Woolston will again be ploughing a lone furrow, although he opened poorly, going down heavily to Tony Wharton, but recovered splendidly to see off Gene Brown (11-3) in the fifth end and in one of his best ever wins, defeated Andy Law (12-10)(9-11)(11-9)(9-11)(7-11). Alan Woolston and Roger Fleming failed to gain a solitary leg and look to face another hard season.

Westfield B 6 v Wanderers B 4

This was a classic youth v experience match with both sides likely to be comfortable mid table. A competitive match was expected and duly delivered. The enigmatic Bob Hickson failed to register in a bad night, heavily beaten by Will Shepherd who went on for a faultless treble. Paul Goodman gave signs of a better season than of late with a good brace, seeing off Patryk Polanski in five and more easily Jonathan Edlund. Far from his best with defeats by Shepherd and Polanski, Richard Adams gained some consolation with an enthralling doubles win together with Goodman, winning out (9-11)(11-7)(11-9)(9-11)(11-9) over Shepherd and Polanski.


Old Grammarians A 5 (Phil Laurence, Mick Ball 2, Perce Sharpe, doubles Laurence/Ball) Chesterwell B 5 (Craig Dilley 2, Luke Hughes 2, Carl Singh); St John A 2 (Jon Perkins, Richard Wills) Thrapston 8 (Ian Donaldson 3, Steve West, Mark Stockley 3, doubles Donaldson/Stockley); Wanderers A 8 (Gene Brown 2, Tony Wharton 3, Andy Law 2, doubles Law/Wharton) Works Warriors 2 (Stephen Woolston 2); Westfield B 6 (Will Shepherd 3, Patryk Polanski 2, Jonathan Edlund) Wanderers B 4 (Paul Goodman 2, Richard Adams, doubles Goodman/Adams).


Wanderers C 6 v Higham Band A 4

The first match of Division two saw a clash of the two fancied teams for the season but it was last seasons winners who came out on top to the tune of 6-4. Jon Taylor-Burt carried on where he left off last season with a treble and had a hand in the doubles victory with Tony Wallis over Nigel Magee and Pete Martin in four. The latter pair both won twice for the visitors.

Westfield C 10 v St John B 0

With just one game requiring a fifth end, Westfield C swept to a fine victory over St John B. Ethan Ali, Ritchie Bailey and Travis Holly each recording hat tricks with Ali and Holly combining to complete the route by taking the doubles in four ends against, Alan Hill and David Hatherall, who was making his debut for St John and is a newcomber to the Wellingborough League.

Westfield D 8 v Wanderers D 2

Owen Morris led the way for Westfield D with a fifth end hat trick, Roger Ellingham dipping out (11-5) at the last. Milan Modha and Alfie Wright each winning twice with Ellingham halting Modha in three and Brian Pearce, another new player to the League and playing up from Division 3 had an impressive victory against Wright (6-11)(11-4)(11-9)(12-10). Morris and Wright won the doubles against Ellingham and Howorth in four ends.

Chesterwell C 3 v Westfield E 7

Westfield E proved too strong for Chesterwell C which saw Maxine Shears putting up the most resistance by winning twice and with Stuart Coles took a fifth end victory in the doubles against Mark Ramsden and Peter Sheldrick. Visitors, Sheldrick and Ramsden both winning twice, but it was Dave Long who came away with a hat trick.


Wanderers C 6 (James Findlay, Tony Wallis, Jon Taylor-burt 3, Doubles Wallis/Taylor-Burt) Higham Band A 4 (Pete Martin 2, Nigel Magee 2); Westfield C 10 (Ethan Ali 3, Ritchie Bailey 3, Travis Holly 3, doubles Ali/Holly) St John B 0: Westfield D 8 (Owen Morris 3, Milan Modha 2, Alfie Wright 2, doubles Morris/Wright) Wanderers D 2 (Roger Ellingham, Brian Pearce); Chesterwell C 3 (Maxine Shears 3, doubles Shears/Stuart Coles) Westfield E 7 (Peter Sheldrick 2, Mark Ramsden 2, Dave Long 3).


Higham Band B 5 v WDHA Super Kings 5

Newcombers WDHA Super Kings drew their first match of the campaign against Higham Band B, but looking at the scores it could so easily have been a win. Chiraag Modha and Jack Bain were stopped in the fifth end by Deirdre Kiziak who went on to score a hat trick and then teamed up with Chris Kiziak to add the doubles (13-11)(11-6)(11-4) for the tie. Raylee Burton added her own single with a win over Rahul Jethwa, who also gained a single over the luckless Chris Kiziak.

WDHA Royals 9 v Westfield G 1

The higher ranked WDHA Royals side showed their might as they hosted their first match of the season against Westfield G. Shivan and Mihir Mistry registered perfect hat tricks without losing an end and added the doubles in four. Kishan Patel added two points to his teams tally, losing out to Westfields Linda Freeman in four ends.

Stanwick VHTTC 5 v Chesterwell D 5

Bryan Farrar was the only unbeaten player on this contest and Chesterwells Peter Atkins supported well with 2 points. For Stanwick, Carl Eaves also won twice, losing out to Eaves (6-11) in the 5th. With Al Hayes and new signing Rebecca Cornell picking up 1 point each, it was down to Eaves and Hayes to add the doubles to maintain the equilibrium.

Wanderers E 1 v Higham Harriers B 9

A good start for Higham Harriers B over Wanderers E, with hat tricks for Bob Collyer and Martyn Reeves who teamed up to add the doubles in four ends. Craig Hartwell added two points, losing out to Steve Hoole (13-11)(4-11)(11-7)(11-6). Wanderers Derek Shears came close to Reeves going down (13-15) at the last hurdle


Higham Band B 5 (Deirdre Kiziak 3, Raylee Burton, doubles Kiziak/Kiziak) WDHA Super Kings (Chiraag Modha 2, Rahul Jethwa, Jack Bain 2); WHDA Royals 9 (Shiva Mistry 3, Kishan Patel 2, Mihir Mistry 3, doubles Mistry/Mistry) Westfield G 1 (Linda Freeman); Stanwick VHTTC 5 (Carl Eaves 2, Al Hayes, Rebecca Cornell, Eaves/Hayes) Chesterwell D 5 (Bryan Farrar 3, Peter Atkins 3) Wanderers E 1 (Steve Hoole) Higham Harriers B 9 (Bob Collyer 3, Martyn Reeves 3, Craig Hartwell 2, doubles Collyer/Reeves).