A mixed start for Kettering cueman Kyren

Kettering snooker star Kyren Wilson
Kettering snooker star Kyren Wilson

Kyren Wilson had a mixed start in the early stage of the new snooker season.

The Kettering star, who is now ranked number 13 in the world, secured his place in the Kaspersky Riga Masters later this month after beating Alfie Burden 4-0 in qualifying at Preston’s Guild Hall.

But he was unable to secure a place in August’s China Championship when suffering a shock 5-1 defeat to Michael Georgiou.

However, there may just have been a bit more to that loss than met the eye.

Wilson, who has also been picked to play in the snooker discipline of the 2017 World Games in Poland next month, admitted he had some issues during that loss to Georgiou.

The Kettering cueman conceded he might have been slightly under-prepared for the qualifying events having enjoyed some welcome downtime with his young family.

But he also revealed he may need to look at getting contact lenses after his struggles, particularly in that match with Georgiou.

“I was in good form towards the end of last season, I got to a semi-final in China and got to the quarter-finals of the World Championship and I wanted to carry that form on into the early part of the season,” Wilson said.

“But it’s important to have that family time as well and I squeezed a couple of holidays in there and might not have worked as hard as I could have done.

“But I really struggled in that second game.

“I found the lighting quite difficult and one of the corner pockets was really blurred when I was looking at it.

“I had my eyes tested during last season and was told I needed glasses so I may well look at going down the route of contact lenses in the future.”

The Riga Masters - the first ranking tournament of the season - gets under way on June 23.

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