We can't change it all now...

It's a fine line between success and failure while winning a game of football is never easy.

Following deadline day it wasn't going to be easy but that's all history, writes Rushden & Diamonds physio Simon Parnell.

It can't be changed.

We can blame it on the financial position of the club, not scoring enough goals or bad decisions by referees.

Please tell me I'm not seeing things – for those of you at the Port Vale game was that a penalty on Andy Burgess or what? I did mention it to the referee who said: "Who's refereeing this match, you or me?" I had to reply: "Neither of us."

One thing you cannot blame is the lads' efforts. They have in my opinion been superb and responded to the situation getting behind Barry Hunter then Ernie Tippett and Stewart Robson.

Hopefully the takeover will proceed to stabilise the club, giving a foundation to build again.

So while we are disappointed with the way the season went, let's be positive and get the place buzzing again for Division Three next year.

As someone famous said: "Don't keep worrying about history, it ain't got no future." So that's enough about what has been. Let's make more history.

After Saturday's game somebody said to me: "Well, that's it then, you can get your feet up and relax." My reply: "I wish."

Yes, hopefully, a holiday with the family if we can find the tent and portaloo. But now is still busy for us with good and not-so-nice things.

The not-so-nice is that this is the time of year when players are released and in some cases when you've been with them a while it's not nice saying goodbye.

So I wish good luck to Andy Edwards, Leo Roget, Paul Kitson, Stephen Gahan, DJ Bell, Ritchie Hanlon, Owen Story and Karl Daniels. I would like to thank them for their contribution to the club. I hope they all find clubs and move on with their careers.

Obviously with players leaving that, hopefully, means new players coming in. With that happening we have to arrange medicals.

With Dr Mark Pepperman and Elaine recently celebrating the arrival of their daughter Cydney I'm not sure I'll be able to get him away from breast-feeding and nappy changing. Although I did tell him the breast-feeding was meant for the baby – but, hey, his skin looks good!

We kicked off with five medicals yesterday for the new intake of youth players. Bless, you go from old crocks to those just getting their first facial hair.

It's amazing how their faces change when you put on rubber gloves and ask them to hop onto the bench. Cruel – but still a great gag.

We also prepare off-season fitness programmes for the players so that they come back in good shape ready to press on with training and not having to waste time getting fit.

Also there is a small matter of injuries from the season. Unfortunately the injured have to remain behind to prove fitness before being released to enjoy summer.

So that means more time with Gary Mills. Will I ever recover from the stress? A scan revealed deep bone bruising which under normal circumstances may have required surgery. But due to the time of year we can use more conservative treatments.

Also still in is Robert Duffy who twisted his ankle in training but shouldn't be with the medical department long. Apart from that we are in good shape.

We went to Ian Sampson's testimonial last Monday and it was great to see him get such a good evening with a few old boys turning up to play.

As is traditional, the referee gave a penalty against us for Ian to score and receive an ovation. I did think 'it's a testimonial and we still can't escape dodgy penalty decisions!'

It was great to see Ray Warburton there, looking as young as ever. He told me to put that. Now a man looking as young as ever was Danny O'Shea who was with us in the Conference.

Anyway one thing didn't change with Ray. The bar is still a long way from his pocket! But good luck to him in the play-off final for Aldershot, also to Duane Darby who plays against Ray for Shrewsbury Town tomorrow.

Whichever way it goes we are likely to see one or the other next year. Also,good luck to Northampton Town in their play-off games against Mansfield Town.

With the Premiership sorted, it only leaves us the FA Cup and then onto Portugal.

The FA Cup final is a tough one for Manchester United. They are expected to win and everyone will want to see a big scoreline.

Already in Europe they may take their foot off the pedal. Who knows with Millwall? I have to go with a United win but I just want to see a good game and show the world all that's great about the FA Cup.

Of course, there will be transfer speculation as the summer goes on.

Ronaldinho has a 66m escape clause in his contract so will that interest Chelsea? Will Thierry Henry go to Real Madrid, Ronaldo to Chelsea and Alan Smith to Manchester United? Will Spurs finally get a manager or just go for a miracle worker? Who knows but it shows you what a great game it is.

Even when the season is over there is plenty to talk about. With that in mind I thought I'd give Sven-Goran Eriksson some help to pick his Euro Squad. So here goes: David James, Nigel Martyn, Paul Robinson, Gary and Phil Neville, Ashley Cole, Wayne Bridge, Danny Mills, Sol Campbell, John Terry, Gareth Southgate, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard, Shaun Wright- Phillips, Owen Hargreaves, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey, Michael Owen, Alan Smith and Jermain Defoe.

What would your squad be for the tournament?

Now just to prove the theory wrong that footballers are unromantic. Read this story.

Andy Sambrook flies to America with flowers and a ring to propose to his girlfriend. She is unaware (unless she gets the ET) it is Andy's intention to turn up on the doorstep and say: "Will you marry me?"

The tension is unbelievable. What if she says "no" or "Andy, sorry, meet my husband." I will have to find out. We tried to talk him out of it but he's determined to do it so fair play.

I did say to him I was stood on my drive when a friend said: "How's the car going?" I replied: "Fine, only it costs a lot to keep." "How's the girlfriend?" he says. I replied: "Just the same thanks."

That's it from me. Enjoy your summer holidays but keep a little cash back for your season ticket next year.

I'm sure Mark Lea and the ET will keep you updated on events at the club. I hope to see you next season – if they keep me. Have a great summer.