Sixfields development will boost Cobblers’ spending power

Northampton Town Football Club, Sixfields Stadium.
Northampton Town Football Club, Sixfields Stadium.

COBBLERS chairman David Cardoza has vowed to increase transfer spending at the club when the proposed redevelopment to Sixfields begins.

But the Town chief says the immediate policy will be to run the club as close to possible on a ‘break even’ basis after what has been an expensive 18 months following the upheaval caused by the arrival and subsequent departure of manager Gary Johnson.

The club are confident progress will soon be made on their planned Sixfields refurbishment, which would include offices and shops being built around the ground, leading to an influx of cash which would then be fed into the playing side.

But Cardoza warned such a situation may be some way off, and that for the time being a more balanced financial operating system would remain in place.

“It depends how quickly we can get things moving but it (the redevelopment) will definitely have an effect at some stage because it means we can generate more income as a result of it,” he said.

“That might be a long way away and there has been no effect yet because nothing has happened yet and there is still a lot to sort out.

“Nothing has been signed off, there are no guarantees or anything. We’re confident but we’re not going to be changing anything in terms of our budget at this stage.

“We’re trying to run at a break-even level and we will continue to do that. The budget is set with that in mind.”

The Cobblers have already committed themselves to some spending this summer by signing Clive Platt and Alex Nicholls from Coventry City and Walsall respectively, and further new recruits will be made as the summer progresses.

The club could also receive a cash injection should Michael Jacobs sign elsewhere, with a number of higher-level clubs having expressed an interest in obtaining the services of the highly-rated 20-year-old.

Cardoza has given Boothroyd a healthy budget that he insists is ‘manageable’ but slightly dependent on on-field successes.

“It (the budget) is always a little bit higher than maybe it should be but you hope you get a good cup run and bring some money in through other avenues,” he said. “It is manageable, though.

“When the redevelopment happens it will put the club on a more stable footing and hopefully we would be able to improve the wage bill as a result, and move up the leagues.

“Nothing has happened yet, but when there is money to be spent, it will be spent.”