Poppies get the all clear to continue

KTFC :Nene Park :Kettering Town FC 'Friday 11th October 2012
KTFC :Nene Park :Kettering Town FC 'Friday 11th October 2012

Kettering Town have been a reprieve by the Southern League.

An announcement made by the league this afternoon read: “The Board is pleased to announce that Kettering Town FC has satisfied all the conditions placed on it by the League within the time frame set and, as a consequence, the registrations/transfer embargo has been lifted with effect from today, 1 November 2012.

“However, the Directors believe that it would be unrealistic for the Club to be in a position to sign sufficient players in time to field a team for this coming Saturday’s fixture at Barwell and, therefore, has reluctantly decided that the match be postponed.

“It is also recognised by the Board that the Club still has several other issues in need of urgent attention, not least the power supply to Nene Park, and will be closely monitoring its progress in the hope that all matters can be satisfactorily and speedily settled to enable the Club to retain its place in the League and complete all of its scheduled fixtures for the current season.

“The Board, nevertheless, is mindful of its responsibility to all of the League’s Member Clubs and, while wishing to be as helpful as possible to any Club experiencing difficulties of any kind, must ultimately make decisions that are within the bounds of League Rules.”

The club had been given seven days to meet certain criteria laid out by the Southern League after an emergency board meeting last week.