Wilson: Steelmen will play on Wednesday

Corby Town's players have agreed to play on Wednesday night despite the club having fallen behind in paying their wages
Corby Town's players have agreed to play on Wednesday night despite the club having fallen behind in paying their wages

Corby Town joint-manager Andrew Wilson has confirmed the Steelmen players will play against St Albans City in the Calor League Premier Division on Wednesday night.

Following the news that the club is currently in a dispute with the town’s council over the pavilion project at Steel Park, it emerged that recent cashflow problems have resulted in them falling behind in paying players’ wages as well as struggling to meet other financial commitments.

The Steelmen claimed a 3-0 win over Bideford at the weekend, even though joint-managers Wilson and Tommy Wright and the players were aware of the situation that has now emerged.

They are due to take on St Albans on Wednesday and Wilson has confirmed the players will take things on a game-by-game basis after it was revealed that they are still awaiting their most recent wages.

“The players have agreed to take it game-by-game and have agreed to play on Wednesday night,” Wilson said.

“Something like this will always have an affect on the playing side of things. We just hope that the effect won’t be any bigger than it already is.

“We haven’t had a lot of home games recently due to the weather and obviously cashflow is going to be a problem when that happens.

“As the club’s managers, Tommy and I have been straight up with the players. They knew about this situation on Friday and on Saturday and they went out there and performed very well.

“We will just try to bridge the gap between the board room and try to keep the players fully up to date as much as we possibly can.

“We will do all we can to continue to produce results on the pitch and do our bit to show how important this club is to people in the town.

“We are just trying to be positive. All we can do is ask the players to go out and do what they do best, which is play football and try to win matches.

“We just hope that everything can be resolved. We have created a good group of players here.

“There have been twists and turns for us as a management team but we now have an honest group and the last thing we wanted was to bring players in and put them into this situation.

“I don’t believe the players will allow the off-field issues have an affect on what happens on the pitch in the next game.”

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