EXCLUSIVE – Steelmen boss Wright lifts the lid after Truro abandonment

Corby Town manager Tommy Wright
Corby Town manager Tommy Wright

Tommy Wright has lifted the lid further on his and Corby Town’s version of events after their game at Truro City was abandoned on Saturday.

In an exclusive correspondence with the Northamptonshire Telegraph, the Steelmen boss insists his club will “strongly appeal” any other decision than them being awarded the three points.

Corby were 2-1 up with four minutes to play during the Evo-Stik Southern League Premier Division clash in Cornwall when the floodlights went out.

The match was eventually abandoned, although Wright insists a decision had been agreed between himself and Truro boss Steve Tully that they would be happy to play on the final few minutes in the daylight that remained.

But that situation never came about and Wright has now accused Truro of playing “mind games” with his team following the controversial finish.

Despite Corby insisting they should be awarded the game, Wright says he would be happy to travel back to Truro on a Saturday to play the final four minutes, plus stoppage-time.

But he also made it clear that any decision to replay the game on a Tuesday night would have a detrimental effect on his players’ livelihoods.

“Our opinion is that we deserve the three points and will strongly appeal any other decision,” the Corby manager said.

“Worst case scenario is we travel down there on a Saturday and have the same preparation.

“We will then resume, play for four minutes plus stoppage-time with the same players on the pitch and with the ball in Paul Walker’s hands as was the situation when the lights went out.

“Why should we replay a game we were leading 2-1 with four minutes to play which was abandoned through no fault of our own having travelled 300 miles, a journey which took us seven hours?

“To have to replay a game we could potentially lose on a Tuesday evening would mean the players requiring two days off work, which will have an effect on their job security.

“Travelling for seven hours at 11am for a 7.45pm kick-off and then travelling home at 10.30pm would get us home for 5.30am the following day. That’s just to Corby. Some lads then will have to travel back to Leicester, London, Nottingham and Cambridge.

“We are title contenders for a reason, because we have been consistent.

“We matched their physical approach and then our quality shone through, they were simply being beaten by the better side as they were in the game at our place.

“If the Southern League/FA decide to replay this game under the circumstances, they are opening themselves up to teams switching off the lights if they are losing.

“I am in no way saying that’s what happened at Truro, it didn’t.

“Everybody apart from Truro can see the three points should be awarded.

“But why wouldn’t they want another 90-minute opportunity to beat a side they failed to beat?

“I understand their play-off chances but we have title aspirations and we deserve these points.

“Fortunately, for us we record games/take pictures and this will all be used as evidence to support our case for the three points.”

As far as the immediate aftermath once the lights failed, Wright gave his version of events.

He added: “The management came together and agreed the light was fine to continue as did all the players.

“The managers are asked by referee to speak with him. He stated he was happy to continue and felt it was fine but we all needed to agree.

“One minute previous to this their manager agreed and didn’t leave my side to consult or speak to anyone else, but then decided he wants the lights on. It was laughable.

“Their manager then went onto the pitch and started winding up our players as did their players and saying ‘see you for the replay on a Tuesday night’.

“Their manager also quoted to the press that his goalkeeper told him he couldn’t see the ball.

“That confused me because he didn’t speak with him until after he had spoken to the referee - I was standing with him!

“He also stated to the referee we should try to wait for the lights because if abandoned we would be awarded the three points anyway.

“Their manager also stated in the press that they had the momentum - they were playing the same as they did for the previous 86 minutes and we dealt with it with long balls into the box.

“Surely I should be the concerned one? Under the cosh allegedly and I am telling the referee to continue and not concerned about Paul Walker’s sight as it clearly wasn’t dark.

“I could also moan about how we have been treated.

“Their chairman’s tweets about the pitch being in doubt and taking pictures of a few puddles.

“We decided to travel down and it rained for six hours in the night.

“We were expecting an inspection as it was previously stated that the ‘pitch was in doubt’ only to find there was no inspection and if anything, a firm pitch.

“Then started the mind games, I have seen a lot before in my 14 years as a player but not to this extent.

“There was no electricity for the players’ music in the dressing-room, the door didn’t close so my team talk could be heard in the corridor and there was no toilet roll.

“After the game the players go to shower to find no water coming from them.

“And the food was freezing cold in the bar so we chose not to eat because of the delay.”

Judge for yourself. Could the match have continued when the floodlights went out?

See the moment the lights failed by clicking here courtesy of footage from Corby Town FC