A tough call but Steelmen boss Wright is ready

Tommy Wright insists he is ready for the task ahead after he took sole charge of Corby Town
Tommy Wright insists he is ready for the task ahead after he took sole charge of Corby Town

Tommy Wright is determined to make next season “as successful as possible” for Corby Town after he became the sole manager of the club this week.

Wright had previously been in partnership with Andrew Wilson after the pair were appointed as a management duo by previous chairman Kevin Ingram last September.

After seeing a potential play-off bid in the Calor League Premier Division derailed by financial problems, a consortium of local businessmen completed their takeover of the club last weekend and promptly appointed Steve Noble as chairman and Gerry Reilly as vice-chairman.

And further changes were soon made with Wilson departing as the club felt it wasn’t “financially viable” to have two managers.

Wright was offered the job on a solo basis and accepted it but admitted it was a difficult decision to make following a successful partnership with Wilson.

Wright said: “On a personal note it is a tough one because I am friends with Stan (Wilson) and I have enjoyed working with him.

“I feel I have learned a lot from him and I am sure he would say the same about me.

“It will be strange when we come back and there is only one voice instead of two but I feel I am up to it and ready for it.

“There is a feeling of guilt on my part for accepting the job but I spoke with Stan and he said I should go for it and it would have been the same if it had been the other way round.

“It is a great opportunity and we should be better financially with the new owners coming in.

“I am delighted to have been offered the job and want to make next season as successful as possible.”

Wright has confirmed the work of putting together the squad for next season has already started as he revealed goalkeeper and supporters’ player of the year Paul Walker has already agreed a new deal.

And the Steelmen boss has also conceded he would like to bring defender Paul Malone back to the club after he left following the financial problems that struck towards the end of the last campaign.

“To be honest, a lot of work has already been done in the last few weeks,” Wright added.

“We had a good group and a lot of players stayed loyal so there are some I want to keep.

“Paul Walker has agreed his contract and will be signing that soon so he is the first and I have made no secret of the fact that I would like Paul Malone back.

“There have already been conversations with players and those will continue.

“The budget is a little bit less but it is achievable and it will be up to me to control it and make sure I get the best out of it.”