We need help to survive

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Lee Thorn has urged Kettering Town’s supporters to turn out in force on Friday night as the clock ticks towards a court hearing which he fears could put the club into liquidation.

The former Poppies director, who made his own bid for a takeover from current chairman Imraan Ladak in December, has called a fans’ forum that will take place in the Kimberley Suite at Nene Park from 7pm.

The club have been served with a winding-up order by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs with the hearing due to take place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Monday.

It the most pressing matter in the club’s severe financial problems that include debts to other creditors as well as a playing squad who are yet to receive their wages for last month.

Ladak has maintained that the club’s problems have been caused because they are owed around £200,00 in sponsorship by his former company DRC Locums.

Talks over other potential takeovers appear to have stalled and Thorn, who has organised the forum without Ladak being involved, insists he feels he has to do “everything I can” to help the club survive.

And he insists that is no deal for a takeover is struck by Friday, it may be up to the fans to come up with what he believes is a figure of £35,000 that will need to be paid to HMRC.

“Obviously everyone knows this hearing is approaching and if no deal is done by Friday then we are going to have to look at doing something ourselves to pay up,” Thorn said.

“If the club has no representation at the hearing, the club will be liquidated.

“There will be a true picture of the state of the club on Friday night and what it will take to bring it back to a level playing field.

“I need people to be aware that if no deal is done by then, we might need to dip into our own pockets and try to find this money.

“The other main problem is that Southend Manor still need paying and that must be done by Sunday and that is another £4,000.

“The fans must also know that any money donated on Friday will go into the fighting fund that the Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust have set up as part of their campaign to save the club.

“No-one has asked the fans for money but now I am asking. A figure of £35,000 must be paid to HMRC.

“All I am doing is using what I know to help. I want this club that I love to survive and if there is no representation from Imraan or the club on Monday then I am not really sure where we will go.”

The Evening Telegraph understands that the Poppies Supporters Trust will be involved in the devising of the agenda for Friday night’s forum.