Walker: Frustration is growing in Poppies squad

Kettering Town goalkeeper Laurie Walker
Kettering Town goalkeeper Laurie Walker
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Laurie Walker has confirmed a scheduled meeting between the Kettering Town players and those at the top of the club was cancelled on Monday.

And the Poppies goalkeeper has admitted that frustration is growing in the squad after they were not paid their wages in full this month.

The off-field problems at Nene Park are growing again after Walker went through the same problems last season during a financial crisis that almost saw the club go bust.

Majority shareholder Imraan Ladak remains the only remaining director of the club with others, including the Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust stepping back from helping to run it while George Rolls’ hopes of a takeover were seemingly ended by a five-year ban from football activity for a breach of FA betting rules.

And Walker, who confirmed the players were paid in full in August but not this month, insists the squad are none-the-wiser about the financial situation the club is currently in.

“We were meant to have a meeting on Monday and then it didn’t happen for whatever reason,” Walker said.

“I can’t say too much more about that because none of us really know what is going on with the club’s finances.

“We all got paid in August but it has just been bits and pieces this month.

“It is a difficult one for myself and Phil Ifil, it is a case of deja-vu for us after going through it last season.

“For the other guys, it is a new experience and it is frustrating more than anything because it is such a good club when things are done properly.

“It is hard to concentrate on football when you know you could be experiencing the same thing that happened last season.

“A lot of the lads are already losing patience and all of them will have spoken to those close to them about it.

“But the way I see it is that we were all here over the summer to try to help change the club’s fortunes and help bring them back to where they should be.

“It hasn’t worked out that way at the moment and the frustration is building because there are guys who moved their lives up here and now they are facing a difficult situation.”

Walker also paid tribute to the club’s fans and he admitted the players need them.

Attendances have dropped severely in the Evo-Stik Southern League Premier Division – a league the Poppies have found themselves in following a double demotion after entering a Company Voluntary Arrangement to clear their crippling debts in the summer.

And the goalkeeper added: “I can’t say that the fans are about to lose their club because I don’t know the full situation so it would be wrong for me to say anything like that.

“We don’t really know what is going on and that makes it even more frustrating. We all want some answers.

“I can understand why fans aren’t coming to games any more but, from a players’ point of view, the most important people to us are the fans.

“Their dedication to the club has been unbelievable in these tough times.

“But we need them coming to games to help improve the finances, which will in turn help us.

“I really hope those fans who have not been coming to games come back and see us.”