Skipper Davis confirms players will turn up at Wrexham

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Kettering Town captain Sol Davis has this morning confirmed the team will play against Wrexham on Saturday.

There had been rumours circulating that the players would refuse to turn up having not been paid for three months.

However, skipper Davis stated this will not be the case although he is completely in the dark as to what will happen was critical of the lack of communication from those running the club.

Davis, who led the players in training today in the absence of manager Mark Cooper, said: “We don’t know what is going on. As you can see the players have just about had enough. It’s getting beyond a joke.

“We haven’t been paid and we have no idea when or if we will be paid again.

“It has been like this for a couple of months and it’s just getting worse every day.

“It’s a bit of confusion at the moment. We don’t know where we stand and it would nice if someone could ring us to let us know.

“We have been talking about different scenarios for weeks but what we can’t do and won’t do is refuse to play because no matter how badly we have been treated, if we refuse then we are in breach of contract and could get sacked, which none of us want.

“We are just going to get on with it. We don’t know whether the manager will be back for Saturday or whether the other problems will be sorted out.

“We’re taking it a day at a time. We will come back in tomorrow but we won’t refuse to play in the game on Saturday as that will put us all in breach of contract.

“Nine players have turned up to train and whether that is because others don’t want to or can’t afford to get in, we don’t know.

“We have done it ourselves and we had to do something because we haven’t done anything all week and we didn’t do much last week and we had no game last Saturday.

“We are just trying to keep ourselves half-fit and as fresh as we can.

“I spoke to David Bridges on Wednesday night and we decided we would just come in and train.

“Hats off to the boys who turned up but it’s hard when you have no manager, no coaching staff and we don’t know what’s going on.

“We will see what happens tomorrow but I don’t know how we are going to get to Wrexham at the moment.”