Rolls charges should not affect Poppies’ Southern League bid

Kettering Town v Wrexham George Rolls
Kettering Town v Wrexham George Rolls

The Evo-Stik Southern League have said the charges hanging over Kettering Town acting chairman George Rolls are unlikely to affect the club’s chances of confirming their place for next season.

It was revealed yesterday that the FA have charged Rolls in relation with alleged breaches of its rules governing misconduct and betting.

He faces a total of 3,076 charges dating back to his time as chairman of Cambridge United and has denied all of them. It will be dealt with by an independent Regulatory Commission on July 4.

The Poppies are this morning looking to get a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) approved by club creditors as they look to solve their financial problems, which amount to £1.2m of debt.

Should the CVA be given the go-ahead, the Poppies will then head to Torquay for the Southern League’s annual meeting tomorrow where they will be expected to be confirmed as a Premier Division side.

And Southern League chairman Ken Turner believes the charges Rolls is facing will have little impact on the Poppies’ bid to get into the league.

Turner said: “I am afraid we are unable to comment about the charges faced by George Rolls which are and will remain strictly an FA matter.

“However, they are unlikely to affect Kettering Town’s position within the National Leagues System.”

Rolls has been charged with the following offences:

Three breaches of FA Rule E3 – Misconduct relating to his conduct during the investigation of the alleged breaches of the Betting rules

974 breaches of FA Rule E8(a) – Betting - during the 2007-8 season

1,707 breaches of FA Rule E8(a) – Betting - during the 2008-9 season

392 breaches of FA Rule E8(a) – Betting - during the 2009-10 season.

Rule E3 states participants shall at all times act in the best interests of the game and shall not act in any manner which is improper or bring the game into disrepute.

Rule E8(a) states a match official, referee, coach or referee assessor shall not bet either directly or indirectly on the result, progress or conduct of any match or competition or any other matter concerning or relating to football sanctioned by the FA or the result, progress or conduct of any other match or competition in which he or she officiates.

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