Poppies Trust send open letter to majority shareholder Ladak

Nene Park
Nene Park

The Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust Board have issued an open letter to the club’s majority shareholder and only remaining director Imraan Ladak.

The supporters group’s move comes as the Poppies continue to fight for their existence after hitting more financial problems.

Ladak has returned to the club after claiming it was spending money it didn’t have and, just last week, he revealed that a person or persons had made an offer to buy the Nene Park stadium.

However, since then the players’ wages for this month have not been paid in full while former chairman Ritchie Jeune and another director Gary Graham have stepped back from helping to run the club while the Trust themselves have also stopped their help in the day-to-day running of the club.

They have now demanded that Ladak reveals his full plans for the future of the club in a hard hitting open letter.

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Imraan,

It is now almost a month since you returned to our football club.

You stated publicly that you were unhappy with the direction the club was taking, and that was why you had to step in.

However, to the best of our knowledge, prior to your return all players’ wages and external commitments were being met by the club, either from funds generated or via donations and loans from individuals that you no longer wish to be involved in the management of the club.

Since your return it has been publicly commented upon that players and staff have not been paid in full, despite assurances that the shareholders would meet any shortfalls.

You stated that you were talking to potential investors who would “please the supporters”. We are still waiting to hear who these investors are. More to the point, we are still waiting to hear WHERE they are. We all know the club needs investment NOW!

You said in your last statement that you are surprised to see the club had kept and exceeded George Rolls’ budget when his investment would no longer be forthcoming following his FA Ban, yet you have alienated the one person who was putting funds into the club other than its fans.

We can only assume you have a plan. Now is the time to share it with us all.

You dismissed out of hand Ritchie Jeune’s idea of a move to Corby, even though he intimated there were legal grounds for doing so.

You opted to stay at Nene Park and pay the rent at the expense of paying staff.

You insisted you are not a guarantor on any lease agreement at Nene Park, so what is the hold for you to keep us there?

You stated prior to the move that no lease would be signed unless it proved to be sustainable – yet within months of the move the lack of sustainability became apparent through the non-payment of players’ wages.

It should be noted that you expressed no such qualms about breaking the lease at Rockingham Road. Any legal fight that may have arisen from walking away from Nene Park could well have proved bleak for the club, but from where we are standing the future is looking bleak whichever way we turn.

On two occasions in the last three weeks you have asked to meet with the Trust’s Mike Quinn and Mark Severn.

However, with the contradiction in facts that we have received from yourself and George Rolls of Poppies Events (which was highlighted to you in conversation by Mark Severn) we feel such a meeting would be futile.

Why don’t you now hold a public forum so that your plans can be articulated to all the supporters?

The growing negativity around the club has been caused by your return.

Supporters remember the days of poor budgeting and the constant blaming of everyone else rather than taking responsibility yourself.

One person signed the lease to Nene Park last year. One person stopped paying the players, the staff, local suppliers and almost everyone else last season.

One person misled supporters over the sold sponsorship for Nene Park last season and the revenue that would be brought in.

One person has pushed this season’s sponsor away from the club and one person failed to pay the players’ wages in full last week.

If our club has a future, tell us.

ALL of us.


Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust