Poppies secure long-term future at Latimer Park

Kettering Town have signed their 25-year lease at Latimer Park
Kettering Town have signed their 25-year lease at Latimer Park

Kettering Town have officially rubber-stamped a 25-year lease at Latimer Park, although they will continue to pursue a move back to the town.

Last month it was revealed that, following a meeting with Kettering Council, the club had earmarked a site within the town that they believe would be suitable for a new purpose-built stadium.

The exact location has not yet been revealed but, in the meantime, the Poppies have now signed the 25-year lease at their current home in Burton Latimer, where they have been playing for their last four years.

During last season, club owner Ritchie Jeune revealed early plans for the redevelopment of Latimer Park should new home within the town not be found.

Club president and director Ken Samuel this week confirmed the lease has now been “operative” since November 7 and he believes Kettering will still make full use of Latimer Park even if their hopes of a return to the town come to fruition.

“It’s been publicised that we have met the council,” Samuel said.

“We have put a site to them and asked them to get back to us about whether that site would be feasible and viable for us to take on.

“It would be wrong to say where it is at the moment because we need to respect the council, we need to work with them rather than against them.

“That site is ultimately preferable of where we would like to be.

“But the thing is, at the moment we are at Latimer Park.

“The lease is signed, a 25-year lease is operative and has been from November 7. So, if all else fails, we are here for 25 years.

“Ritchie put in some projections and plans of what we would like to see here and this site is still very important to the club in terms of the future.

“Even if there is another site in Kettering we can develop, it’s highly likely we would keep this site for our academy and all the junior teams.”