POPPIES CRISIS - Enough is enough, says departing Walker

Laurie Walker has left Kettering Town
Laurie Walker has left Kettering Town

Laurie Walker has admitted it was a “big, big decision” for him to finally end his Kettering Town misery.

The goalkeeper has cancelled his contract with the crisis-stricken Poppies following another month with being paid.

Walker went through the same problem during the first round of financial problems at Nene Park during last season and, despite staying on for the Evo-Stik Southern League Premier Division campaign, has found himself back in the same position.

The Poppies are facing a fight for their very existence at the moment with the electricity being cut off at the stadium while their last three matches have been postponed due to that and the fact that a registration embargo has been placed on the club.

Majority shareholder Imraan Ladak has been holding discussions with parties interested in taking over the club as well as potentially buying the ground itself.

But Walker has revealed Ladak did not try to persuade him to stay and, even if he had done, the goalkeeper says it would have been hard to do so.

“It’s a case of enough is enough for me,” Walker said.

“It is a shame and it was a big, big decision. I had to sit down and talk it through with my family but I have to put my family and my home first and I don’t want to be in the same position I was last season when I was on the brink of losing my home.

“This season has probably been worse than the last because at least we were able to put 11 players on the pitch.

“I have been seriously considering my future since the 7-0 defeat to Bashley. That knocked the stuffing out of me and the rest of the lads.

“It was quite easy to get away. I rang Imraan and asked him if I could go and he has let me cancel the contract.

“And, to be honest, even if he had something differently, I am not sure I could have taken my word for it. There are a lot of people I don’t trust at the club any more.

“I can’t say what is going to happen to the club.

“There is so much speculation going around about potential investors but, to be honest, I have been hearing that sort of talk since Christmas and still not seen it happen.

“I really do hope that someone comes in and turns it around because I certainly don’t want to see the club fall.

“It deserves to be in the Conference at the very least and I really hope something can happen for the fans.

“They are the ones I have to thank the most. The support I have received in my time there has been frightening to be honest and it was their reaction that always picked me up every week, even when we were getting thrashed week in, week out.

“They gave me a boost in confidence when others wouldn’t and for that, I have to thank them.”

Walker insists he will now sit down with his agent and his family to discuss what happens next.

But, in the meantime, he says he will be getting any job he can to start bringing the money in.

“People always asked why I didn’t get another job while I was playing at Kettering but if I had done I would have have breached my contract,” he added.

“I am not like that. Unlike some people, I stick to my word and if I have a contract I will honour it.

“For the time being, I am going to go out for dinner with my family tonight (Monday) and talk things over.

“I will speak to my agent as well but Christmas is coming and it is an expensive time of year. I want to get a job that pays me so that I can keep my house in order.”