Loyal fans deserve some honesty

Nene Park: Kettering Town FC . '18th September 2012
Nene Park: Kettering Town FC . '18th September 2012

The off-field situation at Kettering Town is quickly spiralling out of control.

The club appears to be back in deep financial trouble with the players not being paid their wages in full while those in the background continue to wage war with each other over who is to blame.

Some of the scenes witnessed by the media in the tunnel at Nene Park following Tuesday night’s defeat to Cambridge City were, at best, unpleasant.

The players are rightly upset that they are not receiving their full wages while it is our understanding that some have not received a penny in the last month.

These are people who have families to feed and mortgages to pay.

Yet their employers are letting them down by clearly not honouring the contracts and deals that have been agreed.

No company can expect those who work for them to carry out their jobs to the highest quality on a daily basis if they are not even sure they will be paid for it.

There was a lot of ill-feeling in the Poppies squad following Tuesday’s game.

They are supposed to be playing Boston United in the second qualifying round of the FA Cup on Saturday.

Will they play? And why should they?

Quite whose fault all this is remains something of a mystery.

But as majority shareholder and the only remaining director, Imraan Ladak, as he had already said himself, has a duty to try to sort the mess out.

And we would urge him to do this as quickly as possible, regardless of what the final outcome may be.

Ladak has today told the Northamptonshire Telegraph that a lot rests on a potential deal for the acquisition of Nene Park and that he wants a deal agreed by Monday.

It strikes that any deal is the final chance of save a club that has, in truth, been dying since Christmas.

The full story of what has caused such a huge fall from grace for a club that has lost a lot of supporters over the past few weeks may never be known.

But the fear now is that any last-ditch attempts to save it may be futile anyway.

The true facts are that a number of good people, including the Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust, have stepped back from the club because of the current situation.

And only a small, battle-weary band of volunteers are enabling the club to put on home matches.

So if there is a way to save Kettering Town, now is the time to speak up.

All the fans want now is some sort of honesty. Many feel the club is already dead while others are willing to stick it out until the bitter end.

But they all deserve to know where they stand and now has to be the time for that to happen.

Ladak: “I am aware that emotions are running high” – page 173