Ladak: Tomorrow is a key day

Irthlingborough KTFC new ground finalised: The key to our future, Chairman Imraan Ladak.'03/08/11
Irthlingborough KTFC new ground finalised: The key to our future, Chairman Imraan Ladak.'03/08/11

Imraan Ladak says tomorrow’s hearing with the Football Conference will be the first of a number of key days for crisis-stricken Kettering Town.

The Poppies chairman has been speaking out about the club’s problems, which include a winding up order issued by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, a failure to pay their players and a transfer embargo that remains on the club.

The Poppies will answer a charge of failure to pay football creditors in a personal hearing with the Conference tomorrow, which could result in a points deduction if they are found guilty.

Ladak has confirmed he remains in talks with parties interested in investing at the club but he admits tomorrow is an important day as far as they are concerned.

He said: “There are lots of days that you could call key.

“There is the winding up order on February 6 where we aren’t expecting the club to be wound up.

“But there are other key days including matches.

“However, the first and most important one which will shape the mindset of potential investors is today. It will shape their decisions.”

Ladak has also spoken about Mark Cooper’s decision to “step back” from his role as caretaker-manager until the off-field situation is resolved.

Ladak added: “Mark came in under the expectation that the embargo would be lifted and, at that time, there was no winding up order.

“At the time we were in discussions with the Conference and we expected the embargo to be removed.

“So Mark took the job and agreed to do it but the embargo wasn’t lifted because of the winding up order. That has obviously frustrated him and I get that.

“The other side is of the argument is that circumstances change in life all the time for every single one of us.

“When you are in a position of management you need to be strong enough to deal with it and you need to be able to sit down with your line manager or chairman and have a sensible discussion about why things have changed and what’s being done to alleviate that.

“But Mark has declined every opportunity to have that discussion.

“So I am a bit confused. We brought Mark in because he is a fantastic manager but I don’t think he is doing himself or the club any favours by the way he is dealing with the situation.”

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