Ladak: I have no choice but to step in at Poppies in short-term

Kettering Town majority shareholder Imraan Ladak
Kettering Town majority shareholder Imraan Ladak

Imraan Ladak insists he has no choice but to step in to help Kettering Town in the short-term.

The club’s majority shareholder and former chairman distanced himself from Nene Park after the Poppies fell into financial crisis last season.

He had been set to sell the club to George Rolls but no shares were passed over before Rolls was banned from football activity for five years after being found guilty of over 3,000 breaches of the Football Association’s betting rules.

Ritchie Jeune became the new chairman and was running the club along with the Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust but was removed from the post by the shareholders at the weekend.

Ladak has now stepped in but says he has no intention of staying as the owner and he is now hoping a deal can be tied up with a consortium, which could still yet include Jeune and the Trust, to sell the club.

Ladak watched the Poppies lose 2-1 to Hemel Hempstead Town in their first home game of the Evo-Stik Southern League Premier Division campaign, which was watched by just 597 people at Nene Park.

And he said: “The situation is that since George has had his FA suspension, Ritchie Jeune and the Supporters Trust have been holding the fort on their own.

“But they don’t have the funds to make it all work.

“There are several parties that want to help out but we have to get to the bottom of what the actual situation is and what is required.

“The club can survive in the meantime but we have to find a solution.

“I am not looking to get involved at Kettering Town or be the owner of the club.

“I am still not sure what George can or can’t do under his suspension. We need some clarification on that and if George is still allowed to be an owner then that would make things a lot clearer.

“But, if not, then we need other people to come together.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, although I know it appears that way.

“As a director and the owner of the club, I have a duty to make sure it isn’t over-spending and doing things it shouldn’t do in the meantime.

“In the absence of George, it needs a helping hand and that’s why I am here. I have no choice.”

Ladak, meanwhile, revealed that he sent a letter to Supporters Trust chairman Mark Severn on Tuesday to explain the full situation.

“I have sent a very lengthy letter to the head of the Supporters Trust explaining everything in a lot of detail,” Ladak added.

“It’s not a letter that can be released to the public because of the details in there but I suppose when they have digested it, it will give the Trust a clear idea of where we are, why we are there and what the potential solutions are.

“If they feel what is in that letter is correct or if they have any doubts then I am sure they will come out and say it.

“I know that I am telling a true story and there is nothing for the fans to worry about in terms of my involvement in the club.

“If I didn’t step in now, there probably wouldn’t be a club. That is a cold, hard fact.

“I put money in during August and I am trying to find solutions for the short term.”