Key day for Kettering Town

Kettering Town Football Club relocate to Nene Park, the previous home of the Rushden & Diamonds,  in Irthlingborough
Kettering Town Football Club relocate to Nene Park, the previous home of the Rushden & Diamonds, in Irthlingborough

We are doing live updates throughout what is a vital day in the history of Kettering Town Football Club..

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5.24pm: Imraan Ladak has been reacting to the outcome of the Conference hearing.

The Poppies chairman said: ““We volunteered a lot of information that we did not necessarily have to give and it explained the situation at the club.

“The Conference have looked at all of that and have been sympathetic to our position and it vindicates what we have been saying as a club that this situation is not of our making and that we have done everything in our power to change it.

“This was the best possible outcome for the football club and it has to be seen as a good day.

“If I find a deal that works for the club, not me, the club then we will look at what we can do.

“I do believe this result means the club is in better shape. And, like I said, there were certain people waiting on the outcome of this hearing.”

4.20pm: Imraan Ladak has confirmed Kettering Town will face a £3,000 and three-point deduction following today’s Football Conference. However, the points deduction has been suspended until February 28 on the understanding all creditors will be paid by then.

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3.49pm: We’ve just heard from Imraan Ladak that the club have pleaded guilty at the Football Conference hearing to the charge of failing to pay football creditors. He is currently waiting for the independent panel to give their verdict and we’ll update as soon as we hear it.

2pm: This is the time Kettering Town’s hearing with the Football Conference is due to get underway. We’ll let you know what the outcome is as soon as we can.

12.10am: Maybe not that quiet at Nene Park after all.... Mark Cooper has arrived at the ground along with his dad Terry. Not sure why and no word from them as yet.

11.59am: It’s all quiet at Nene Park now. Most of the players have gone home and now we are just waiting to see what transpires at the Football Conference hearing this afternoon.

It is due to get underway at 2pm and we’ll bring you any news as soon as we get it. In the meantime, keep visiting this story and we’ll give you any other updates on this vital day in Kettering Town’s history.

11.35am: Training done and Sol Davis has just spoken exclusively to Jon Dunham and stated the players WILL NOT REFUSE to play on Saturday.

Davis said: “We don’t know what is going on. As you can see the players have just about had enough. It’s getting beyond a joke.

“We don’t know where we stand and it would nice if someone could ring us to let us know.

“We’re taking it a day at a time. We will come back in tomorrow but we won’t refuse to play in the game on Saturday as that will put us all in breach of contract.”

11.21am: Training is just about coming to an end although some of the players are still having a kickabout. Confused seems to be the best word to describe how they are feeling. None of them really seem to know what is happening - off the field or on it.

11.02am: The players are now doing shooting practice in front of the Dale Roberts Terrace. Something to look out for this weekend - Steve Meechan is in goal! He’s already made a couple of blinding saves from Danny Mills and Marcus Kelly.

11.01am: The missing players - Noubissie goes to university on Thursdays so that might excuse him. Phil Ifil is banned and Navarro injured so they wouldn’t play on Saturday anyway. Not sure about Sangare and Marna.......

10.45am: The players that are here are cracking on with training and the banter seems to be pretty good. The only contracted players not to turn up are J-P Marna, Phil Ifil, Pat Noubissie, Djoumin Sangare and Jaime Navarro. We’re not sure where any of them are - although a guess can probably be made as to J-P’s whereabouts.

10.33am: We should point out that Laurie Walker can be excused for not turning up today. As we understand it he is training with his goalkeeping coach in Milton Keynes.

10.26am: It’s up to nine - Jerel Ifil has just turned up.

10.19am: Training has started early with Davis at the helm. There are currently eight players taking part - the five who are contracted, Mark Pryor and the two young lads from Peterborough. No sign of Jean-Paul Marna who has been heavily linked with a move to Tamworth.

10.15am: Kettering Town might have a new signing - but don’t hold your breath..... David Bridges has just opened the dressing-room window and invited Jon Dunham to train with them!

10.10am: There are 20 minutes until training is due to start and no sign of any more arrivals.

10.04am: David Bridges has arrived at Nene Park and told us that he has been training by himself all week.

9.59am: A ‘Show Imraan Ladak The Red Card’ poster has appeared at the window of the dressing-room. Someone is obviously making their point.

9.56am: The latest theory is that Davis will take training today but they are not expecting much more than half-a-dozen players to be there. That might change and Aman Verma is the latest arrival.

9.53am: Skipper Sol Davis has turned up and followed soon after by Marcus Kelly.

It is understood that Mark Cooper has told the players they should turn up to training today and that Cooper himself might well join them. Mark Pryor is the latest player to have arrived.

9.48: Joe Korge, the club physio has arrived at Nene Park.

9.38am: Any talk of a complete non-show from the players is untrue as Steve Meechan has turned up for training. A promising sign.

9.30am: Our Kettering Town reporter Jon Dunham is down at Nene Park this morning and reports that the ground is open for business as normal. No sign of any players yet, though.

The players are due back in training this morning but it is unsure how many, if any, will arrive following Mark Cooper’s ‘step back’ from running the team this week.

Kettering are also due at a Football Conference hearing this afternoon where they have been charged with non-payment of football creditors.

It is going to be an interesting day - so keep visiting for all the latest news