Jeune: Poppies need to learn how to use Nene Park

Nene Park
Nene Park

Ritchie Jeune has admitted Kettering Town “need to learn very quickly” how to use Nene Park to their own benefit.

Jeune has been named as the new chairman of the Poppies having originally come in as part of a consortium to take over from previous chairman Imraan Ladak.

Ladak’s controversial idea to move the club from Rockingham Road to the former home of Rushden & Diamonds was controversial and has so far seemed to have caused more problems than solutions to the Poppies’ ground issue.

The question that has been asked time again is – can the club be sustainable now and in the future at Nene Park?

Jeune said: “Now? At this moment?

“With the investment level that we have, it is a huge challenge.

“I am not saying it is impossible but the venue is one of our biggest assets and one of our biggest costs.

“We need to learn very quickly how to generate revenue from the stadium.

“We have been learning and I would have preferred to have had more time to look at it.

“Some events have gone well, some not so much. It is something we have to learn about.”

Jeune, by his own admission, is new to being fully involved in the running of a football club.

But he is determined to have the right plan in place as the Poppies look to move out of financial disarray.

“The key for me is making sure everyone is focused on the right thing,” he added.

“The manager should be focused on the team and results, the board should be focused on making sure the club is stable.

“To do that, we have to make sure we have the right business plan in place and that is something the club has lacked.

“I have only been involved in football before as a corporate sponsor.

“My initial entrance into football wasn’t expected to be the baptism of fire it has been.

“I was supposed to be the ‘number three’ rather than the ‘number one’.

“If there is a ‘number one’ who wants to come in and can provide the financial stability then fine – the chairman is just a custodian.”