Jeune aiming to bring Poppies back into the borough

Burton Park Wanderers could be hosting Kettering Town in the future
Burton Park Wanderers could be hosting Kettering Town in the future

Ritchie Jeune has set out his vision for the future of Kettering Town – and their next home could be back in the borough.

In an exclusive interview with the Northamptonshire Telegraph, Jeune revealed the club have an option in place to play at the home of Burton Park Wanderers, in Burton Latimer, from the start of next season.

He is now in the process of asking the Southern League for special dispensation to bring the ground up to standard beyond the cut off point of the end of March. Should that be granted then the deal will go ahead.

His plan is for the club to play in Burton for a period of five years, during which a fundraising effort will take place in a bid to bring them back to their home town.

Should the deal not go ahead then Jeune confirmed the club still have an option with Corby Town chairman Kevin Ingram to remain at Steel Park – their current temporary home.

Jeune has been at the forefront of a team of volunteers who have been running the Poppies ever since the club almost went into liquidation last year.

He also confirmed the electricity has now been turned back on at Nene Park, where the club remain tied to a long-term lease.

He expects the situation at the Irthlingborough stadium to be resolved soon, one way or another, and again re-iterated his desire to speak to remaining majority shareholder Imraan Ladak to discuss a takeover of the club as and when the lease at Nene Park is resolved.

“The electricity is back on at Nene Park, we are aware of that,” Jeune said.

“The relationship between the landowner and the majority shareholder is not as close as it was.

“The volunteers have made a substantial offer to the landowner to break the lease. The initial offer was rejected and we have not heard anything since.

“We are expecting something to happen with regards to Nene Park but we have had no confirmation of what it will be.

“The sticking point remains the lease but we are hoping that can be resolved.

“If that issue can be sorted then it will give myself and the volunteers the opportunity to negotiate for the club with Imraan.

“From a playing perspective, we have the option now of playing in Burton Latimer next season.

“That will be completed if we get dispensation from the league to get the ground up to standard.

“The situation is that all necessary work has to be done by the end of March. Clearly that won’t happen.”

Jeune also confirmed that the club have not “run up any new debts” since they have been at Steel Park and that money owed to former players and payments on the club’s Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) have been met since the move to Corby.

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