Doyle has faith that Kettering can be saved

Kettering Town manager Alan Doyle
Kettering Town manager Alan Doyle

Kettering Town manager Alan Doyle is optimistic the demands put upon them by the Southern League can be met and the club can be kept alive.

The league held an emergency board meeting last week, the outcome of which was to give the Poppies seven days to meet specific criteria.

It is not known exactly what has to be achieved as only a short statement was released at the time which said Kettering had to ‘satisfy certain conditions’ by tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

However, one of the issues was regarding player payments and Doyle is confident that an agreement can be reached.

He organised a meeting with some of the players and Kettering’s majority shareholder Imraan Ladak last night and the outcome appears to have been favourable.

“I was getting worried because nothing seemed to be happening,” Doyle explained.

“I’m not party to any of the other details the league set out but I know a main one is to have agreement with the players.

“I have been trying to set up a meeting with them and finally managed to get it together last night.

“We had the players and Imraan Ladak there and I would have to say it was quite successful.

“I’m not 100 per cent certain that things will be sorted but I do feel happy with the way it went.

“All I’m interested in is saving the club.

“Some people are saying we should just let it die but I don’t want that to happen.

“And I’m fairly certain Imraan feels the same.

“He said several times during the meeting that he doesn’t want to be chairman.

“But also why would he have agreed to meet up in the first place if he just wants the club to fold?

“After the talks he put all the figures down and they have now been emailed off to the players.

“Hopefully they will sign an agreement and we can get the green light from the league tomorrow.”