Ex-Saints wing Estelles opts to stay in Argentina

Former Saints wing Juan Pablo Estelles has rejoined Atlético del Rosario.

Juan Pablo Estelles made 15 appearances for Saints (picture: Kirsty Edmonds)
Juan Pablo Estelles made 15 appearances for Saints (picture: Kirsty Edmonds)

The Argentina ace spent two years at Northampton, having initially joined the club on a short-term deal following the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

He made 15 appearances for Saints and also played a key role for the Wanderers, who have won back-to-back A League titles.

But Estelles was not offered a new contract and returned home this summer with uncertainty surrounding his future.

He was not averse to making a move back to European rugby but he has opted to remain in Argentina and return to Atlético del Rosario, where he began his career.

Estelles could make his first appearance since rejoining in Saturday's game against Deportiva Francesa.

"I ended the contract with Northampton and had wanted to be in Rosario for a while," Estelles explained. "And once I came here I did not want to leave.

"I had several chances to return to Europe, and the truth is that at another time I would have gone, but at this time I want to play at the club."

Estelles would dearly love to add to his three Argentina appearances.

But he said: "It does not depend on me, I am a rugby player and I always want to play at the highest possible level.

"Today I really want to play at the club, and if there is a chance to play in an international team I will take it, but it does not depend on me.

"What's more, first I have to show every Saturday that I am up to the task.

"I have to show what I can do at the club, sacrifice myself, make the effort and then we'll see. "