Dorian West: We need Saints fans to get behind us

Dorian West admits the Saints coaching staff have felt under pressure recently - and says the club’s fans ‘sometimes make it hard for us’.

By Tom Vickers
Saturday, 19th January 2013, 8:52 am

Northampton had come under fire from some sections of the media after losing five of their last seven games in 2012. But they have since turned things around, with wins at Exeter and at home to Castres, last Friday night.

The reception that greeted the 18-12 victory against the French side in the Heineken Cup was hardly one of celebration, though.

And forwards coach West feels pundits and supporters have made it difficult for the team in recent weeks.

“We’ve felt under pressure this last month or so, especially when pundits on the television, who you’d like to think would look deeper into things that are happening, are saying if we don’t win things, we’re going to get the sack,” he said.

“That’s not nice and we know how much effort we put into the game, but it’s one of those things.

“We need to keep working hard, we need to make sure the players are all enthused and are enjoying it.

“Our fans get a little bit frustrated, I don’t think they quite understand the full story and they sometimes make it hard for us.

“They’re on our backs a little bit at times but all I can say to everybody is that we’re trying the best we can and we’re going to keeping working hard.”