Keogh glad to make a contribution

Rob Keogh scored his maiden first-class century in Southampton
Rob Keogh scored his maiden first-class century in Southampton

He may have raised his first-class career best from a middling 44 to a spectacular 221 but Rob Keogh has played down his achievement.

The 21-year-old’s double century against Hampshire at the Aegas Bowl served notice of a real talent but the man himself said that he was just happy to make a decent contributiom.

He said: “I’ve made a couple of 30s and 40s without going on so it was nice to turn that into 200.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to take it that far but the pitch got better the longer I batted and once I was in I wanted to make it count.”

Keogh had come to the wicket in Southmapton with the scoreboard showing a poor 24-3 and he thinks having to initially stage a resuce act helped to focus the mind.

He added: “It was tricky when I first went in with the ball doing a bit so it was a case of not getting too far ahead of myslef.

“The plan was to try and bat for some time, take some time out of the game and go from there.”

As for whether it will help his cause to gain a permanent spot in the senior side, Keogh admitted that it definitely wouldn’t do him any harm.

“Scoring a few runs will always help. It wasn’t going through my mind while I was playing as the situation I was in took over but the longer I was there the better it was for my position individually.”