Duo denied promotion by rule breaches

Weekley & Warkton and Harlestone 2nd have been stripped of their respective promotions in the NCL due to rule breaches.

Both clubs fell foul of rule 18.3d, that of registering players in the wrong category, and have been deducted the maximum 75 points.

As it turns out, it was the same player - Muhammad Kamran, who hit 229 for Harlestone against Abington earlier this month - who was wrongly registered by both clubs.

The upshot of both breaches is that Weekley & Warkton, who had clinched the second promotion place in Divison Two behind Peterborough 2nd, and Harlestone 2nd, second in Division Ten behind S&L Corby 2nd, have both been demoted into mid-table.

Their places have been taken by Long Buckby and Brigstock 2nd resepectively who will be playing their cricket in Divisions One and Nine next year.

Both clubs have the right to appeal but whether they intend to has not been confirmed as yet.