Divisional structure to be debated

The Northants Cricket League strategy committee will meet next week to discuss the implications of the NCCC Academy’s withdrawal from the league.

As things stand, only one side is relegated from the top tier every season with one coming up from Division One.

But the Academy’s resignation for the 2013 season has muddied the waters somewhat and the committee will meet on Tuesday, August 28, before forwarding their recommendations to the clubs in the top two divisions.

Rule 6.8 of the league constitution states: “In the event of a team / club resigning after the A.G.M, or during the season, the Strategy Committee shall have the power to decide upon promotion or relegation issues involved or call an EGM to debate and decide the issue.”

There is also the issue of balancing the numbers in Division Two as a result of Towcestrians’ withdrawal earlier in the season, an issue that could affect relegation from Division One.

No decisions will be taken prior to the meeting with promotion and relegation staying as they are until further notice.