County cap reward shocks Brooks

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Jack Brooks couldn’t hide his surprise at the award of his Northamptonshire cap.

Both Brooks and Alex Wakely were presented with their caps by chairman Martin Lawrence during the lunch interval on the first day of the Championship clash with Yorkshire.

But while those who follow the County won’t have been taken aback by the decision to reward Brooks, the man himself admitted that he didn’t see it coming.

He said: “It was a very pleasant surprise. I haven’t really been playing recently to press my claims but it’s nice to be recognised for my performances.

“From joining the club four years ago I didn’t imagine that I’d be a capped player in such a short space of time.

“Being capped on the same day as Wakers (Alex Wakely), it meant a lot to both of us and from a personal point of view, I’m elated really.”

And the most pleasing thing for the 28-year-old was the fact that the cap represents a period of achievement as opposed to a handful of good performances.

He added: “Clubs work in different ways with regards to handing out caps and some don’t even do it.

“I think Midders (James Middlebrook) was the last to get one and he’d been scoring a lot of runs and taking quite a few wickets over a couple of years so it shows that the club don’t give them out for a flash in the pan and you have to earn it.

“I’d have rather earned it while being out on the pitch but that wasn’t to be.”

As to when he will return to the fold, Brooks is being cautious and isn’t able to commit himself to a particular date.

“I’m taking it week by week,” he said.

“I’m doing all the gym work and having the physio on it and it’s definitely getting better by the day.

“I just don’t want to go 100 per cent in a training session or flat out in a game and take a few steps back.

“It’s affected my bowling and I’d rather go into a game at close to 100 per cent rather than holding back and the team don’t need that either.”