Kettering Mayor speaks out about spate of serious crime in town

Mayor James Burton has spoken out about the recent spate of serious crime in Kettering.
Mayor James Burton has spoken out about the recent spate of serious crime in Kettering.

Kettering’s mayor has spoken out about the rising level of serious crime in the town and asked ‘is this what Kettering residents have to put up with from now on?

Mayor James Burton reeled off a list of crimes at last night’s town forum (Apri1) that have taken place recently in Kettering, including a stabbing outside McDonald’s on Sunday which left a 16-year-old boy with serious injuries.

Cllr Burton said: “To me, it is becoming too commonplace. These are very serious. Is this the thing that Kettering residents are going to have to put up with from now on?”

Other crimes mentioned by the mayor included a sex assault in Windmill Avenue of a 14-year-old girl that happened on March 19 and an incident in March in which a 13-year-old girl had a knife pressed against her neck.
Inspector Scott Little who has responsibility for policing in Kettering and Corby said: “I don’t want people of Kettering to get used to these kinds of reports that are going on. I don’t want that to become the everyday norm.

The team are working as hard as they can. This is what I need to be concentrating on. That’s what we as the police need to be concentrating on.”

The senior police officer said when issues had been identified in particular areas, extra patrols had been put in.

Conservative Cllr Shirley Stanton said she had been contacted by a number of residents about knife crime concerns and herself was becoming anxious when walking around the town.

Labour Cllr Anne Lee said it was clear that crime is rising in the town but did not think that police were given enough resources to deal with the increasing levels.

Also at the meeting Neighbourhood Watch member Kevin Munton spoke out against the ‘blatant lawlessness’ that is going on in the town. He mentioned off road bikes and drug dealing taking place at Rockingham Road Pleasure Park.