Careless smoker causes fire at Corby Urgent Care Centre

Corby's Urgent Care Centre.
Corby's Urgent Care Centre.

Firefighters were called to Corby's Urgent Care Centre yesterday (Wednesday) after a careless smoker set a plant alight.

The incident took place outside the health centre in Cottingham Road at about 4.15am.

Lorna Garner, general manager at Lakeside Plus which runs the centre, says it could have been a lot worse and urged people not to smoke outside.

She said: "We have CCTV of someone putting a cigarette in the bushes and the flames have demolished the plant.

"There is an enormous no smoking sign and we ask them not to because there are very serious health considerations but also clearly because it can cause problems.

"Had it not been for the cleaners coming in the middle of the night and noticing it, it could have been a lot worse but the fire brigade did have to come out.

"All of these things have a cost attached and that comes out of NHS funding."