Zac is doing well at German clinic

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A LITTLE boy who is undergoing specialist cancer treatment in Germany is looking much better, according to his family.

Seven-year-old Zac Knighton-Smith, of Rushden, arrived in Germany nearly two weeks ago and since then he has been undergoing a range of different treatments to help boost his immune system following years of treatment for acute neuroblastoma.

Zac’s family back home have been able to see how he is getting on via Skype on the internet.

His grandmother June Knighton, of Stanwick, said: “I saw him yesterday and he looked so much better. Ever since he has had chemotherapy his face has been white but for the first time I saw there was colour in it again.

“He was looking poorly before he went because he had just another lot of chemotherapy after surgery but at the minute he looks brilliant. His mum Sam says he’s also full of energy so we’re hoping the treatment is working.”

Zac is expected to remain in Germany for another two to three weeks. The treatments he is having include blood ozone therapy which involves taking 50ml of his blood, pumping it full of oxygen and then putting it back in his body. He is also having electro magnetic therapy which involves ultrasonic waves being passed through his abdomen, close to where his primary tumour was, for 15 minutes, then laying on a magnetic mattress which is attached to a pacemaker and having magnetic waves through him, for another 15 minutes.

His doctors have also recommended that after returning home he should go back to Germany three weeks later for fever therapy which induces a high fever to kill off any remaining cancer cells.

His family need to raise about £30,000 for the treatment and a further £10,000 for additional treatments and infra-red sauna which will help fight the cancer when he gets home. They have paid the £7,500 deposit for the treatment in Germany so far.

Anyone who can help the family can call 01933 460773 or 07949 928873 or donate online at