Your poems: Christmas long ago

Christmas long ago, by Mary Fallow
Christmas long ago, by Mary Fallow

I remember days of long ago

When things cost just a penny

And cakes and candy plentiful

But there was never any money

There were nae Xmas presents

And toys were almost nil

So we hung our sweaty socks up

The night afore tae fill

There was an orange and an apple

With some monkey nuts as well

Delighted in the morning

Our bellies we did fill

There were nae fancy Xmas trees

Nor coloured bulbies flashin’

But a tree branch propped against the wa’

What we bairns thought was smashin’

But we were so contented

There was never any hassle

And remember being thankful

for a tammy wi’ a tassle

So here’s tae all their mobile phones, compuers and the lot

We never ever had such luck when we were but a tot...

By Mary Fallow